June 29, 2017
New Casting Information For Steve Jobs Film

Following the flop of the 2013 Ashton Kutcher film, Jobs, fans of Apple (and Steve Jobs) are hungry for a biopic that does the late great genius a little bit of justice.

Possibly also called Jobs, the new biopic, with no release date as of yet, will consist of only three scenes, written by Aaron Sorkin and directed by Danny Boyle. Each scene will concentrate on Steve Jobs' time backstage before three Apple events. It promises to be an intriguing look at the part of Jobs' life that Apple fans never got to witness.

It's a relatively well-known fact, at this point, that Christian Bale has been hand-picked to play Steve Jobs.

Playing Jobs is not going to be an easy task. When an actor plays a character from the past who's been gone for a long time, they can make that character their own. If no one was around at the time to know what the character was like in person, it becomes easier to make things realistic.

Steve Jobs, however, hasn't been gone very long and he was very much in the public eye. Playing him is going to mean studying who he was, how he acted, and truly getting into his mindset.

His fans remember him well. Deviations likely won't be tolerated.

The parts of Steve Wozniak, Laurene Jobs, and Chrisann Brennan will be easier shoes to fill. All three people were huge parts of Steve Jobs' life, and may be depicted in the movie. The question is: Who would play them?

Rumors of Seth Rogen playing Steve Wozniak have been floating around online, and it seems IMDb is showing the information as more than a simple rumor. Rogen is now clearly listed as the actor set to play Wozniak without the "rumored" tag.

Rogen is well-known as a comedy actor, but has handled dramatic roles in films such as Take this Waltz and 50/50.

Wozniak likely won't need portraying after the first scene, since he left Apple in 1985, but for that scene Rogen could wind up adding a bit of humor to the Steve Jobs biopic.

Finally, Jessica Chastain has also been connected to the Steve Jobs film. Right now, it's only a rumor, and there's no saying which of the roles she would be filling – the part of Jobs' daughter's mother, Jobs' wife, or a female character we have yet to find out is included.

There's some talk about the script needing to be re-written now that Apple CEO Tim Cook has come out as gay. Rumors suggest that Steve Jobs knew from day one, which might change some of the moments in his story.