Fox News’ Stacey Dash Looks Far From Conservative As She Steps Out In A See-Through Dress

Stacey Dash is better known for her right-leaning soundbites as a Fox News contributor than anything else nowadays, but the ageless Clueless star was anything but conservative this week when she showed up to a party rocking a see-through dress.

The event was the fourth season premiere party for The Exes, held this past Monday in Los Angeles. As Us Weekly notes, Dash, 47, was there hanging out with her fellow Clueless costar, Donald Faison. The only things that appear to have changed about the two are their hairstyles and the lighting.

Dash doesn’t look like she’s aged a single day since Clueless hit theaters back in 1995, and Faison looks just about the same as he did. In the 19-year-old iconic teen comedy flick, the two played Murray and Dionne, a couple that spent as much time fighting over the course of the movie as they did making up and making out.

Dash was at the event to hang out with Faison, who plays a character named Phil on The Exes. Dash and Faison have actually shared the screen on that TV Land series, as Stacey was picked up as a guest star in July of 2013. Dash played a recommitted virgin who Faison’s character was trying to pick up on.

stacey dash see through dress
Clueless actress Stacey Dash reunited with costar Donald Faison this week at a Hollywood event, and neither of the two looks like they’ve aged at all. Image via Us Weekly.

Of course, the the real focus wasn’t on Stacey and Donald posing for pictures together so much as it was on what Stacey was wearing in those pictures. Dash showed up to the season premiere party rocking a southwestern-themed dress that gave away more than one expected on closer examination.

In fact, Dash’s dress was almost totally sheer, with her toned figure showing through underneath the black fabric and its decorations. Stacey topped off the risqué ensemble with some cowboy boots and a cowboy hat, but you’d be forgiven for not noticing either.

The sexy see-through look marks one of the first times in a while that Dash has made headlines for something other than the things she says on Fox News.

While her career on the big screen hasn’t taken off, Stacey has achieved a certain level of notoriety for what some call inflammatory remarks. Dash has drawn criticism for her endorsement of 2012 Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney and ceaseless criticism of President Barack Obama’s policies. Stacey has also come under fire for some indelicate phrasing when it came to the state of African Americans during the Obama presidency, saying that blacks under Obama were uneducated on the issues and that Democrats have a “plantation mentality.”

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