Alex Borstein Getting Divorced? 'Family Guy' Star Could Lose Millions

Actress Alex Borstein and her husband, Jackson Douglas, are getting divorced.

According to a report released by TMZ on Thursday, Douglas was the one that filed the paperwork to end his 15-year marriage to the Family Guy actress.

Since Jackson Douglas and Alex Borstein got married long before her Family Guy career, Alex could very well end up losing a lot of money as part of the divorce settlement. This is especially since, according to TMZ, "there is no indication of a prenup" and "there are millions [of dollars] at stake."

Keep in mind that Alex Borstein reportedly makes between $3 and $5 million for each Family Guy season as one of the lead voice actors on the show.

Under the laws of the state of California, Jackson could very well walk away with half of the earnings.

Jackson Douglas is mostly known for portraying the role of Jackson Belleville on the hit television series, Gilmore Girls.

What is somewhat ironic is that Jackson Douglas received that role just by traveling with Alex Borstein to film the pilot. Alex Borstein was originally cast in the supporting role of Sookie before her contractual obligations with the hit TV series MADtv forced her to let it go.

The creator of Gilmore Girls, Amy Sherman-Palladino, was married to Dan Palladino, one of the producers for Family Guy. It was actually Dan's idea for Alex to audition for a part in his wife's show.

In an interview with BuzzFeed in December of last year, Alex had the chance to explain exactly how her husband, Jackson, made it into the cast.

"My husband was there because we were traveling together. [Dan and Amy], we became friends. We had a blast and just laughed our asses off. They found Jackson to be quirky and interesting, and our relationship to be funny. They ended up writing him in as Sookie's love interest."
Alex Borstein first met Jackson when she was studying improv at the ACME Comedy Theatre and got married in 1999. Alex gave birth to their first child, Barnaby, in 2008 and their daughter, Henrietta, in 2012.

Based on the paperwork filed, Jackson Douglas is asking Alex Borstein to pay spousal support and have joint custody over their children.

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