'Real Housewives' Newcomer Threatens Veteran Cast Member: Things Get Physical On 'RHOBH'

A Real Housewives of Beverly Hills newcomer threatened a fellow cast member at a bash this week. Lisa Rinna allegedly got physical with Kim Richards, whom the others are concerned about regarding her sobriety issues in season 5.

A source speaks exclusively with Radaronline and shares that during Adrienne Maloof's party on Oct. 22, Lisa began yelling at Kim for a "perceived slight."

"Lisa attempted to push Kim, and the women had to be physically separated! Lisa even made threats against Kim. It was totally crazy."
As the Inquisitr reported last, Kim was feuding with her sister, Kyle Richards, at Adrienne's house because she had possibly "fallen off the wagon."

It's unclear what led to the altercation between Lisa and Kim at this point, but a lot is going on with Kim in season 5. In Amsterdam, there were suspicions that she went back to her old habits. Lack of sleep and bad jet lag are being blamed for how she acted while the cast was shooting on location, but the women aren't buying it.

Kim feels that her sister, Kyle, is exploiting her past addiction on the show for the sake of ratings. Kyle grew more concerned for her sister after Amsterdam, another source shared with Radar.

"Kyle just doesn't believe that Kim is indeed sober. After the cast trip to Amsterdam, Kyle became even more convinced that Kim has suffered a setback in her battle with alcohol.

"But Kim absolutely maintains that she is still sober, and thinks the show is just exploiting her recovery. So the sisters got into a huge fight at Adrienne's party."

According to Hollywood Gossip, the other newcomer to Real Housewives of Beverly Hills -- Eileen Davidson -- first believed that Kim was under the influence.

A source who knows Kim says the RHOBH star is "committed to her sobriety," and "Kim is disgusted anyone would question it" over this.

"This has been a storyline in the show for a long time, and Kim is disgusted anyone, including the show's producers would exploit it for ratings."
Kim Richards really "wants to finish filming for the season and stop being made to be the subject of yet another stupid storyline on the show. It's old, tired and boring," says the source.

Looks like poor Kim will be hounded by almost everyone on the show in season 5. Is she under the influence again? She's worked so hard to overcome her obstacles. Hopefully, she hasn't fallen off the wagaon again!

[Image via Bravo TV]