Jeff Schroeder, Jordan Lloyd Of 'Big Brother' Talk Engagement, 'The Bold And The Beautiful'

This week on The Bold and the Beautiful, Big Brother stars Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd will make an appearance alongside some other stars from the CBS reality TV show. As fans know, Jeff and Jordan got engaged during this past season of the show, and now, they're opening up a bit about how it all came together. Fans may have to wait a bit yet for specifics regarding the wedding, but they won't want to miss what Jordan and Jeff had to say.

Lloyd and Schroeder chatted with Michael Fairman Soaps about the proposal. Jeff admitted that he had been getting some pressure from Jordan regarding a proposal as the two started dating after their first season together five years ago. Schroeder says that the show's producers had always been asking him about when a proposal might be coming, and this past summer, he was finally ready to tell them that the time had come.

At the time of the Big Brother proposal, Jordan said she was caught completely off-guard. Some wondered how that could be, given that she apparently had been putting the full-court press on her boyfriend to essentially put up or shut up. As it happens, though, Jeff and the producers really did pull one over on her.

Apparently everybody had Lloyd convinced that they were going to host a competition, which isn't a far-fetched concept at all as they have remained involved with the show over the years. In fact, producers even had a script and directives regarding what the couple should wear. It seems that Jordan really didn't know that this would be a proposal rather than a competition.

To make it even crazier, Jeff's secrecy in planning the proposal made Jordan suspicious in all the wrong ways. She shares that she had even started to think he was cheating on her. Lloyd says that a week before she got engaged, she told Schroeder that she was about to break up with him if he didn't move things forward. Then she noticed he'd changed his iPad password, he hid phone calls, and he would be gone for long stretches of time. She even told her mom, who knew the proposal was coming, that she thought he was cheating.

As Big Brother fans saw, Jeff proposed to Jordan in early September and the cameras caught it all. As the two make plans to get married, they found time for a quick guest stint on The Bold and the Beautiful. This isn't their first time doing the Halloween episodes, though they didn't get to dress up this time. As TV Guide notes, other Big Brother stars appearing include Hayden Voss and Nicole Franzel, Donny Thompson, Rachel Reilly and Brandon Villegas, along with a handful of others.

When will Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd get married? The Big Brother stars haven't revealed that tidbit yet, but fans hope they won't wait too long.

[Image via Homorazzi]