'Welcome To New York' Proceeds Donated To NY Public Schools By Taylor Swift

"Welcome To New York" is one of the better songs on Taylor Swift's new album and the singer has decided to donate the money made from the song to New York public schools. According to Rumor Fix, Swift made the announcement while visiting The View on Wednesday morning.

Although she's from Nashville, Tennessee, Swift has fallen in love with the Big Apple. She was just named the Global Welcome Ambassador by New York's tourism department, which was a pretty big deal with the transplant.

"I'm still learning but I'm so enthusiastic about this city that I feel like when I love something, I'm very vocal about it," Swift explained. "I just go around going like, 'Everybody, New York is amazing.' So I think they just picked up on that and they gave me, like, a title."

"Welcome To New York" was the third single released off of Taylor Swift's newest album, 1989 (named for the year that she was born). According to ABC News, the 24-year-old country star is thrilled about her new music, going with a straight pop album for the first time ever.

"I feel so without a doubt [that] this is the best thing I've done. So to have people able to finally have it now and to have the fans understand what I've been working on for two years, it's just the most amazing feeling," Swift said on Good Morning America.

According to the Inquisitr, Swift's 1989 album isn't on Spotify, which is angering some of her fans. Apparently, this was done on purpose to encourage album sales but it seems like Swift really didn't need the boost at all. Her album has flown up the charts and has gotten numerous positive reviews since its release.

Spotify has confirmed that they want to album on their app for fans to listen to and that this was not their decision. It was Swift's decision (or perhaps the decision of her people). This is not the first time that a Taylor Swift album has been kept off the free music listening app either. In 2012, Red was not available on Spotify for months. Swift had huge success with that record, but it's unlikely that said success was due to the decision to keep it off of Spotify.

What is your favorite tune on 1989? Do you think Taylor made a good decision by donating money from "Welcome To New York" to the city's public school system?

[Photo courtesy of Philly.com]