Andy Cohen And Lisa Vanderpump Have Hilarious 'Enormous' Condom Talk

Andy Cohen has hosted The Real Housewives reunions for every show since the very beginning of the franchise, so he knows all of the housewives. Andy knows what buttons to push with every woman, and he has been spotted hanging out with some of the women when they aren't filming for Bravo. For example, he admitted that he and Bethenny Frankel have maintained their friendships after she left Bravo behind a few years ago.

Andy Cohen knows that Lisa Vanderpump is one classy housewife, but after watching The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, he learned that Vanderpump can handle a dirty joke once in a while. In fact, Lisa talks about sex quite a bit in her one-on-one interviews for the show. So, when Andy Cohen saw an opportunity on Twitter this morning, he jumped on it.

According to a new tweet, Andy Cohen had an interesting but hilarious conversation this morning with Lisa Vanderpump. The two are good friends thanks to Andy's involvement with The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and he doesn't take sides when it comes to the wives. Plus, he knows that Lisa can handle his dirty comments.

It all started when Lisa announced that she will be crowned as the Queen of the West Hollywood carnival on Halloween. And since she announced this news on Twitter, Andy Cohen thought it would be funny to make a sexual joke. Given Lisa's playful personality, the joke kept going for quite some time.

It is no secret that Andy is friendly with all of the housewives. As fans can see here, things are good between himself and Vanderpump. But Lisa isn't the only housewife Andy is attending to these days. Andy Cohen recently spoke out about Teresa Giudice's sentencing. He interviewed her the day after she learned that she would be going to jail, according to the Inquisitr.

And during the upcoming reunion special for The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Cohen got emotional talking to her about the future.

"I got really emotional," Andy Cohen revealed, adding, "At the end, when I was talking to Teresa, I really held it together, but I was basically, maybe, kind of crying! I was really emotional sitting there with Teresa talking about all she had been through with the show. When it ended, I gave her this big hug and I could barely look at her. I didn't want to cry in front of her. I was upset!"

Andy Cohen added that he would definitely visit Teresa in jail if she wanted him to. Are you surprised that Andy Cohen is so close with all of the housewives? What did you think of Andy and Lisa's hilarious exchange this morning?

[Image via All About the Real Housewives]