Sandra Bullock To The Rescue! Bullock Aids Heat Stroke Victim On Movie Set

Sandra Bullock has long been branded as “America’s Sweetheart.” You can’t help but fall in love with her goofy charm, contagious smile, and heart-warming personality. And that’s just in the characters she plays.

But in reality, we’ve seen her win awards with grace and overcome personal struggles with finesse. This week, we see Bullock jump into action to help someone in need.

While filming her current movie Our Brand Is Crisis in New Orleans, one of the extras on the set collapsed from an apparent heat stroke, according to TMZ. Sandra Bullock was faster than any first responder and, while she could have stood by and watched, she jumped into action to help the woman.

According to IJ Review, Bullock got the woman into the shade, started giving her water and fanned her until the paramedics arrived on the scene. Bullock did all of this while co-star Billy Bob Thornton observed in silence.

TMZ reports that the cast is filming in temperatures that would make the underworld seem like Alaska, yet they are wearing overcoats. Allegedly, the woman got overheated and dehydrated, which caused her to collapse from a heat stroke. Thankfully, Sandra Bullock was there to spring into action.

Residents of New Orleans already love Sandra Bullock and believe she can do no wrong. According to IJ Review, Bullock helped in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Sandra decided to take a high school under her wing that had been severely damaged during Katrina. Bullock donated a great deal of money to have it restored. Sandra has also helped those who have graduated from that school be able to afford college.

Sandra also owns a home in New Orleans, as well, and fell in love with the city so much that she adopted her son from there.

Now, Sandra can add emergency health aid to her list of accolades in New Orleans, to boot.

As Sandra is being recognized for her heroic actions, let’s recall one of her famous quotes as revealed by Huffington Post that reveals the truly beautiful person she is.

“If I die tomorrow, will I have gotten everything in the world I’ve ever wanted? No. But I will have gotten everything that’s made me happiest.”

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