'Sports Illustrated' Model Haley Kalil Sizzles In Cleavage-Baring Coral Bikini While Frolicking In Frothy Surf

Haley Kalil cranked up the heat when she took to the beach for her latest social media share. The Sports Illustrated model paraded her assets in a coral bikini that did nothing but favors for her slamming physique. Her followers adored the offering and rewarded her with high engagement stats.

The redhead looked incredible in the two shots she posted to Instagram on Thursday. She modeled the swimsuit on the shore as she put her curves on display. Behind her, the sea glittered and the sky was heavy with striated and cumulus clouds. The frothy ocean teased and taunted Haley as it rolled along the shore.

In the first snap, she posed on all fours. She knelt on the wet sand as the water rushed back, leaning forward as she placed her hands next to her knees. She angled her left shoulder as she lifted her pert booty. The bombshell then laughed at the lens with her eyes half-closed.

The second image saw Haley sitting on her haunches. She made a peace sign while gazing at the sky from the corner of her eyes. She beamed in the shot, which captured her exuberance.

Haley rocked a coral bandeau bikini that clung to her assets and flaunted her abundant cleavage. On her lower half, she sported the matching bottoms that showcased her pert booty.

The influencer pulled a sunhat over her signature red locks as her tresses fell down her back in casual disarray. She wore a chunky necklace and hoop earrings to complete her ensemble.

The photos have already racked up more than 3,000 likes since she posted them an hour ago. Haley received plenty of complimentary feedback from her ardent fans. It also seemed as if the model was having a lot of fun as she asked her followers to hit her up in the comments section. She wanted them to suggest a cheesy beach caption. Her fans happily complied and offered her a bounty of quirky options.

One person tried to get philosophical.

"Life comes in waves," they offered.

Another responded to her request with this one-liner.

"More vitamin sea, please," they quipped.

"Trying to make a splash," a third admirer remarked, following their comment with a wave emoji.

A fourth user waxed lyrical about Haley's beauty.

"You are so pretty, princess. Love your smile, and your figure is fantastic," they gushed.

Recently, Haley switched up her bikini vibe for a more refined look. She rocked a sleek gray dress that fit her form like a glove in a series of sexy snaps.