January 28, 2021
Jon Bon Jovi Shows Off Shaggy Hair & Tight Pants In Throwback IG Pic

Jon Bon Jovi showed off shaggy hair and a retro style in a throwback Instagram pic. The Rock and Roll Hall of Famer -- who fronts the legendary music group Bon Jovi -- posted the photo along with a sweet caption where he honored a four-legged pal.

In an image that was likely taken during the late 1980s, when Jon had long hair and dressed in such a manner, the New Jersey native squatted down next to an adorable white dog.

During that period of time, Jon wore his tresses falling down past his shoulders, as was the fashion for young rock performers in the industry. His natural light brown tresses were worn in a shaggy manner and frosted with blond highlights. In this photograph, his hair appeared to be wet.

Jon donned a white T-shirt with the logo for the luxury car brand Ferrari across the front. Underneath it was another statement written in a black script that read life was too short to be driving a Chevy.

He paired that with tight casual pants that had a black and royal blue pattern. He added vintage ASICS sneakers to his look. His only accessory was a small brown wristwatch.

Jon posed in front of a car on a dirt road where he petted the small dog and said it was his friend.

Fans of the rocker adored the snap and shared their remarks about the vintage look from a time when Bon Jovi was the leading rock band on the charts.

"I love this picture so much, probably one of my all-time favorites," claimed one fan.

"So adorable, my heart can't take this. Thanks, Jon!" a second follower penned.

"Woman's best friend, JBJ yes indeed," quipped a third user.

"When we all were young," a fourth fan remarked.

Just three days earlier, Jon posted an image to Instagram that was taken in the childhood of home of one of his musical idols Paul McCartney in Liverpool, England.

The Inquisitr reported that the snap was taken in 2019 and Jon was photographed among some of Paul's artifacts to honor the musician's 77th birthday. In the picture, Jon stood in the Beatle bassist's room, where several albums were scattered about. Black and white images of The Beatles from when they were known as the Quarrymen could also be seen. Additionally, Paul's guitar -- which he played upside down, as he is left-handed -- was visible amongst his belongings.