National Cat Day: This Odd Couple Of Unlikely Lifelong Friends Will Surprise You

It is officially National Cat Day again and the cat videos of the internet are making their rounds. The Inquisitr reported on last year’s national day of cats as the company Uber had a special running that offered rides to cats on their special day. Occasionally, this national day of cats can bring about some unusual videos. Sometimes, they depict unusual cat friendships.

Many odd couples have graced the internet over the years, besides on National Cat Day. A pit bull puppy and a human baby, a pit bull with cats, ducks, chicks, and many others, to name a few. Now, Brazilian biologist Andre Costa brings us yet another odd couple. His odd couple pairs two mortal enemies: cat and bird. More specifically, a cat and owl that met at a very young age and grew up to be best friends.

According to the Animal Rescue Blog, though the pair is quite the odd, they do share a few things in common.

“Both enjoy hunting prey and the night. Additionally, both species look nearly the same from birth to death with no major coloration or physiological changes.”

Those few traits are the only things that connect Forbi the owl and Cleo the cat. Apparently, the cat and owl couple communicate in “screeches and meows” in their home in Brazil. Their owner said he is shocked by the response he received when he shared this video on Facebook.

The Animal Rescue Blog reports that the odd cat and owl couple’s owner hopes that the human response to their friendship will reflect in the relationship from animal to human.

Just when you might have thought Forbi and Cleo were unusual, another odd couple surfaces from the internet on National Cat Day. Enter Fum, the cat, and Gebra, the owl. As far as the internet is concerned, this owl and cat friendship is a far more established tour de force as they have their own dedicated Facebook page with over 48,000 fans.

Unlike Cleo and Forbi, Fum and Gebra are from Spain. Their names are Catalan, according to their Facebook page. “Fum” means Smoke and “Gebra” means Frost. In their video, they apparently hunt, frolic, play, and hang out in trees in the woods together. If only this odd couple could learn to hunt together, they would make an even more interesting pair.

So, on the close of National Cat Day, we find that cats really can make friends with any other animal. This seemingly dispels the myth that all cats are evil, or somehow hateful of every other creature. Perhaps the unlikely alliance of cat and owl really could speak volumes to ever growing chaotic world between humans.

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[Image via Facebook]