Kim Kardashian Could Be Stuck Paying For Her Own Engagement Ring

With the marriage of Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries coming to a short and abrupt end after just 72 days one of the biggest questions on the minds of reality TV fans is “who gets to keep that massive 20-carat diamond engagement ring” and now we have an answer.

It turns out a prenuptial agreement signed by the couple gives Kim Kardashian the right to the ring but only if she’s willing to pay Humphries the rings original price, an amount equal to nearly $2 million.

Regardless of the fact that the ring obviously has a bad breakup associated with it Kardashian snoops have revealed that Kim wants to keep the gaudy looking ring.

On the other hand while the ring has a proposed value of $2 million it’s believed that Humphries only paid a fraction of that cost thanks to the couple’s mega-lucrative E! wedding TV deal.

Would you be willing to pay your ex-husband to keep your engagement ring? I’m personally surprised that little bit of information was allowed to pass by the Kardashian legal team.

In a funny take on the breakup SNL spoofed the divorce, in one part of the spoof Kim and sisters Khloe [Abby Elliot] and Kourtney [Vanessa Bayer] tell viewers:

“All week we’ve just been crying and crying and posing and crying and getting our anus’ bleached.”

In the meantime Kim Kardashian canceled her Australian tour where she was promoting the Kardashian Kollection of purses and headed home to deal with her divorce.

Wow not quite the outcome we expected from Kim and Chris at least not before the 6 month mark, perhaps we overestimated their staying power.