Family With 12 Sons Expecting: Family Not Finding Out Sex Of Baby 13, Expect Another Son

A family with 12 sons is expecting another baby, but they are pretty sure it is going to be another boy. According to Fox News, Jay and Kateri Schwandt from Western Michigan are excited to be welcoming baby No. 13, but they have chosen not to find out the sex until the baby’s birth. While it might be nice to have a girl, the couple seems confident that another boy is on the way. Of course the two just want a healthy baby, first and foremost.

“If we were to have a girl, I think we would go into shock. It would probably be disbelief,” Kateri Schwandt said.

The family with 12 sons has a 22-year-old and a 1-year-old. As you can probably imagine, they have a very wide variety of things going on at home! Their 13th child is due on May 9.

“I’ve experienced all the boy stuff. As long as we are having all these children, it would be really neat to experience the other side. The stuff that goes on in this house is all-boy — roughhousing and wrestling. If there was a little girl in there, I assume it would be different,” said Jay Schwandt.

According to NDTV, the family’s faith could be behind all of these pregnancies. They are Roman Catholics and do not believe in birth control. Kateri comes from a family of 14, so having 13 children will be completely normal for her. She says that she has been pregnant “half of [her] life” and that she “loves” it.

Perhaps the family with the most children that people are familiar with is the Duggars. While it does seem as though Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are stopping at 19, they have said that they would welcome another child if it happened. However, as grandparents, Jim Bob and Michele seem to really be taking time to enjoy their children — and their children’s children, rather than worrying about bringing more in the world.

Their son, Josh, has three children of his own, and their daughter, Jill Dillard, is pregnant. Another daughter, Jessa, is getting married this weekend and could be with child within a year.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Jill and Derick Dillard are really excited for their new arrival. The couple is expecting a boy in early 2015.

The family with 12 sons could reach Duggar-status if they continue having children… but will all of the Schwandt kids be boys? Only time will tell.

[Photo courtesy of AP File via NBC News]