Cool, Innovative, Windowless Airplanes Of The Future Feels As If You Are Flying Through The Sky! [Video]

Every year, 3.1 billion people fly all over the world in airplanes! For some, it is a leisurely experience. But for most of us, it is a means of transportation that can be a hassle, especially if the person is one of the 41 percent who find reclining in one's airplane seat rude.

There have been times when companies have tried to make the flight itself more enjoyable by catering to a theme. The Inquisitr even reported on the official Hello Kitty airplane in Taiwan. Still, air travel is often so bad that some people have the audacity to compare its seating to a slave ship.

However, there is a new company creating a revolutionary airplane which aims to make the journey more enjoyable. How you ask? Simply by making it windowless!

According to an article by the Centre for Process Innovation through Quartz, the British technology research company projects that in ten years, the air travel industry will be ready to offer passengers a richer experience when it comes to air travel by providing far more than what a small, fogged-up, thick, plastic window allows. CPI replaced the familiar rectangular-elliptical airplane windows with an organic light-emitting diodes (OLED) display lining the inside of the plane's fuselage. The is the same technology behind the recent light, ultra-thin, high-end televisions.

It should also be reported that the windowless airplanes isn't just for aesthetics, but will also be more efficient in many ways. Annually, airplanes use 220 thousand gallons of fuel and create 705 million tons of carbon dioxide. With no windows, the airplane is lighter and less fuel is consumed, which also results in lower carbon emission. With no windows and a less weight due to a thinner, lighter, and stronger fuselage, the costs to make an airplane go down which benefits the manufacturer. This also benefits customers with possible reductions in ticket prices, as well as more space inside the airplane.

RYOT also reports that the new airplane design might scare the life out of some people. Since the entire fuselage of the airplane will be lined with an OLED, more entertainment and work options are available for travelers. However, there was one scene in the promotional video in which the OLED showed a clear sky all around, as if the fuselage was not there at all. This would surely be terrifying for those passengers who have a fear of heights.

Now that you've seen the new windowless airplanes, what are your views about it? Are you excited to fly in one? For those afraid of heights, does it frighten you that the OLEDs can make it look as if you aren't even in an airplane at all?

[Image via Screenshot of Aerospace Windowless Aircraft - The Future Inspired by CPI video]