Sarah Hyland Opens Up To Meredith Vieira About Her Abusive Relationship [Video]

It’s been weeks since the shocking news broke about Sarah Hyland’s abusive relationship with longtime boyfriend Matt Prokop. It was around that same time that Meredith Vieira revealed on her daytime talk show that she had been in an abusive relationship. At the time, Vieira shared this news in support of Ray Rice’s wife, Janay. At that point we didn’t know what actress Sarah Hyland was enduring, but now we do.

Hyland went on Vieira’s show to promote Modern Family, but into her segment the mood of turned a bit somber as Meredith asked Sarah to explain how she faces adversity in the wake of her situation. Explaining how she made it to the other side, Hyland used the words of two famous poets to explain her difficult time.

“There are two quotes that I want to say. One is a Dylan Thomas poem, ‘Do not go gentle into that good night. Rage, rage against the dying of the light,’ which is one of my favorite poems.”

“It just strikes a chord in me and also Robert Frost, ‘The only way out is through.'” She continued to explain how these poems illustrated her growth. “People have to go through things in order to become the person they are today, and that’s that.”

As the Inquisitr reported, Hyland filed a temporary restraining order against Prokop, after he pinned her against his car and choked her. After reviewing the case, the judge granted the Modern Family star a restraining order for three years.

Although she is still a victim of domestic violence, Hyland wasn’t alone and turned to her television mother, Julie Bowen, for support. When she planned to leave Prokop, she called Bowen, who arrived at her house. After Hyland’s boyfriend showed up and saw Julie was also there, he went into a rage. At that point, Bowen told Hyland to leave her home because it wasn’t safe.

In the documents it says that the Charming actor “terrorized [Hyland] both verbally and physically during the last 4 years of their relationship.”

In her own defense, Julie Bowen played down her involvement somewhat while speaking with HuffPost. At the time she said, “I love Sarah and I support her wholeheartedly, and I didn’t do anything special at all. Nothing that you wouldn’t do for a anybody who’s going through a break-up. I think it just got a lot of attention because she’s an adorably cute person who’s on TV.”

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