Superman Series, Penned By ‘Man Of Steel’ Writer, In The Works [Report]

Reports that a new Superman series written by Man of Steel writer/producer, David S. Goyer is in the works has fans jumping for joy. The TV show would follow in the footsteps of the super successful Batman-based series, Gotham.

In the last few years Marvel has ruled the box office with superhero movies such as Iron Man, Thor and The Avengers leaving DC Comics to drown in their sorrows. However, that is all about to change and earlier this year Warner Bros. announced an ambitious line-up of nine new superhero films that will be released between 2016 and 2020.

Following Man of Steel, which was a completely different take on the Superman/Clark Kent story, Zack Snyder is currently directing Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Gotham ties into all of this very well and a Superman based series would also compliment the back story nicely.

According to Bleeding Cool, the new Superman series would be called Krypton, after Superman’s (Kal El) birth planet. You may remember that Man of Steel was Krypton-heavy and spend a lot more time than most other films about the red-caped hero, focused on the events immediately surrounding him being sent in the spaceship that crashed on the Kent farm in middle America.

Speculation is that the World Of Krypton stories and For The Man Who Has Everything could influence Goyer and would be hard to ignore because of their exploration of the legendary planet.

It is no surprise that David S. Goyer is the name attached to the rumored Superman series, the scribe has a decade long-standing relationship with Warner Bros. and consolidated it with a three-year contract, around the time Man of Steel was released in 2013. However, he also created much controversy with that now infamous fighting scene that concluded the blockbuster.

For the scene in which Superman (Henry Cavill) beats the crap out of General Zod (Michael Shannon) ultimately killing him and in the process destroying half of Metropolis, Goyer completely ignored the standing belief that “Superman doesn’t kill.” He explained how the rule is not necessarily valid in the new films, during a BATFA and BFI Screenwriters’ Lecture in September of 2013.

“This is one area, and I’ve written comic books as well and this is where I disagree with some of my fellow comic book writers – ‘Superman doesn’t kill.’ It’s a rule that exists outside of the narrative and I just don’t believe in rules like that. I believe when you’re writing film or television, you can’t rely on a crutch or rule that exists outside of the narrative of the film.”

Similarly to Gotham, a new Superman series would not include Superman, but revolve around the DC characters that are present in the comics books. According to the website, no further details on the show are provided, other than the unofficial name, Krypton.

Would you be excited for a new Superman series written by David S. Goyer?

[Image via Warner Bros.]