WWE News: Randy Orton Takes Shot At John Cena On Twitter

Coming off a great match against John Cena at WWE Hell in a Cell, Randy Orton is in the news once again. WrestleZone is reporting that Orton is scheduled to be in a WWE Studios sequel, which will be the Condemned 2. Stone Cold Steve Austin starred in The Condemned in 2007. This will be Orton’s second film in the last few years, after he filmed 12 Rounds 2: Reloaded in 2013.

It went under the radar yesterday, due to the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view taking place. Randy Orton, once again, took to Twitter to relent his frustration about a topic that the WWE won’t take kind to.

To clarify the confusion from the original tweet to Orton, the fan asks when is the WWE going to come out with the “RKO Outta Nowhere” T-shirts? Orton then responded with a very sarcastic answer that will not keep the WWE officials happy. Cena is the WWE’s No. 1-man in merchandise sales, since CM Punk left the company.

In reality, Cena is a genius with his hand towels, foam fingers, T-shirt colors and designs. There is something for women, children and men. He caters to all demographics, in turn that assists in the popularity and sales of his merchandise. The more money he makes the WWE, the more he is loved.

This isn’t the first time Orton got in trouble with Twitter. His involvement with the stalker and his girlfriend got him in trouble. He tweeted about her weight and clearly crossed a line with WWE management, whether they yelled at him or not. The key for any WWE superstar is to stay very safe on social media, as it has the potential to hurt anybody.

Last night’s match between Cena and Orton told a futuristic story of both men’s plans going forward. Survivor Series is next and it looks like Cena will be working towards another match against Brock Lesnar. As for the Viper, his future is untold. On Monday Night Raw last week, the WWE teased a feud between Rollins and the 8-time World champion. Did Orton’s supposed back injury harm his chances to win the match last night? The same question can be applied to Orton’s nonsensical idiocy on Twitter. Did that stop a potential-WWE championship match?

[Image via fanpop.com]