‘Teen Mom’ Star Jenelle Evans Claims Fans Are Making Up Stories

Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans is no stranger to controversy, but she has made quite the effort to change things around in her life. The Teen Mom star got pregnant with her second son, got divorced from her first husband Courtland Rogers and now she is trying to get an education to be the best mother possible for her two sons. However, it seems like Jenelle can’t do anything right according to her Twitter followers, who have been judging her from being on Teen Mom.

Jenelle Evans tends to get a bad reputation for anything she does. This weekend, she celebrated Halloween with some friends and she was slammed for wearing a very sexy Halloween costume, according to the Inquisitr. The Teen Mom star may be a mother to two children, but like any other parent, she deserves to go out and have fun as well. But her followers were not as understanding.

According to a new tweet, Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans is now revealing that people tend to make things up about her, especially when it comes to meeting her out in public. Jenelle has revealed that sometimes she gets labeled for being a bad person based on her actions from Teen Mom, even though she hasn’t talked to anyone who could end up with such an impression.

It is uncertain whether Jenelle Evans is referring to a specific moment in time, but it sounds like people are just making things up to make her appear rude and arrogant. It is no secret that Teen Mom has made her a famous face around town, but fans of Teen Mom are trying to bring her down. In October alone, Jenelle was accused of abusing both of her children, even though evidence was never presented.

It all started when Jenelle Evans decided to share a picture of little Kaiser on her Twitter account. The picture was taken from an angle where it looked like the baby had a black eye. Rather than ask for a second picture to prove that it was just a shadow, people were quick to accuse the Teen Mom star of child abuse. Child Protective Services was called, but determined that nothing was wrong in the Teen Mom star’s home.

Just weeks later, people had called CPS again to report that Evans was abusing her other son, Jace, who has appeared on Teen Mom. CPS showed up at the home, but ended up leaving the home and closing the case, as no additional evidence was found. It sounds like her Twitter followers want to show her that she is an incapable mother, who has no future, even though that is clearly not the case. She has shown her progress on Teen Mom.

What do you think of Jenelle fighting to prove herself when the cameras are not filming for Teen Mom? What do you think of people making up stories about her to make her look bad?

[Image via Teen Mom News]