South Korean Researchers Develop Robot Pilots That Might Replace Human Pilots [Video]

Jan Omega - Author

Aug. 11 2017, Updated 5:12 a.m. ET

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Over the years, robotics have improved so much that prospects of many mundane jobs being replaced by robots are more a reality now than any other time in our history. The Inquisitr reported numerous times on robotic prospects making our lives easier, which includes drones designed to deliver pizzas, for example. There are even aquatic robots designed to maintain and watch ports. However, the coolest new robot is made by Xenex, which actually zaps germs and viruses like Ebola!

Now there are reports of a new robot being made in South Korea that can pilot a plane. It is also reported that it may replace human pilots in the cockpit sometime in the future.

According to the YYouTubechannel Reuters Plus, it states that the robotic pilots are unlike drones and autopilot programs which are configured for specific aircraft. The robot pilots will have a humanoid design complete with limbs, a head, and a body. The design will allow it to fly in any type of plane with no additional sensors.

As for popularity, this video is on the Most Watched List on YouTube. It currently is located in the first quarter of popular videos, has over 65,000 views with 146 likes as of the publication of this article. It was originally uploaded on October 21, 2014, making this video fairly new, too.

Now that you’ve seen the video on South Korean researchers making a humanoid robot that could fly any plane, what are your opinions on the matter? Do you think these robots could be used to enhance the security of a plane while in transit? Is this a colossal waste of money which could be better used in other scientific endeavors? Please let everyone know what you think in the comments below!

[Image via Screenshot of YYouTubeVideo Robots to fly planes where humans can’t]


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