‘The Young And The Restless’ Spoilers: Phyllis And Sharon Face Off As Tension Builds

The Young & the Restless spoilers for the week of October 27 indicate that there will be a lot of tension among those in Genoa City. Phyllis is getting stronger by the day, and, of course, this rattles Sharon. Nikki is in a bad place, and many wonder how far she will sink. What can fans expect to see go down this week?

We Love Soaps shares that Phyllis and Sharon will reach a breaking point due to the tension between them. Phyllis taunts Sharon that she remembers everything, and this cannot be good news for Sharon as things continue to unravel for her. By the end of the week, The Young & the Restless spoilers indicate that Phyllis will be putting her plan into motion. Will she succeed?

Avery’s ex-husband Joe Clark is sticking around Genoa City, and Cane will find out Joe’s motives. As for Nikki and Victor, he will be urging her to come clean, but will she admit to just what is going on with her? The two fight, but it’s likely little gets resolved. She Knows Soaps reveals Y&R spoilers that Nikki will overhear Maureen and Ben talking, which could set the stage for some interesting developments.

Stitch will reveal a family secret this week, and Victoria is pushing him to tell her what he’s been hiding. He wonders, though, if it will change anything. Will his revealing the truth help or hurt his relationship with her?

This week Chelsea will say goodbye to Adam, but fans know there’s more ahead yet on this. Adam Newman is about to return to Genoa City, and the airdate of Justin Hartley first appearing in the role lies just ahead on November 5. Additional The Young & the Restless spoilers reveal that Kelly has an ultimatum for Jack while Lily grows suspicious of what Hilary is hiding.

Jill has questions for Colin and Dylan gets some shocking news. At the end of the week, Lauren will worry that Michael has been unfaithful, whereas viewers know it’s something far more serious causing issues for him. Michael may be trying to hide what’s going on, but Kevin will overhear just enough to know that something is up.

Will Nikki and Victor be able to repair their relationship? Is the show really going to kill Michael off as many suspect? Tune in to The Young & the Restless airing weekdays on CBS to see just what comes next.

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