Jill Dillard To Break Duggar Family Tradition With Birth Of Baby Boy

Jill Dillard, the recently married Duggar from the popular television series 19 Kids and Counting, is expecting her first child in March. The couple recently announced that they are having a boy, but the gender announcement isn’t the only big news surrounding the birth. The couple recently visited with Today and shocked some fans with details surrounding their plans for their first born.

In the Duggar household, all 19 kids and counting have names that begin with the letter J. It is a Duggar family tradition, and many fans have been wondering what letter the Dillards would choose for their family. Jill’s brother Josh and his wife Anna followed in Jim Bob and Michelle’s footsteps by choosing a family letter. For Josh and Anna, they choose reliable M. Currently, the couple has three children named Mackynzie, Michael and Marcus. Many fans have been guessing on what the new letter will be for the Dillard clan.

Sorry to burst the bubble of those sending Jill letter suggestions, but the pair has decided to opt out of selecting a “family letter.” Instead, Jill told Today that the couple is not going to do a letter theme. She didn’t rule out themes all together though.

“We are not going to do the letter theme. We may pick another theme… We’re talking about family names and Bible names.”

Derick Dillard even joked about the prospect of “family names” and said that the name Elmer was in both families. Jill quickly noted, “We’re teasing.”

Though the couple doesn’t plan utilize the Duggar tradition of family naming, they are still planning on following in the Duggar’s footsteps in regards to brood size. When asked about how many children Jill would like to have, she answered in true Duggar fashion, noting that she will have “as many as God will give us.”

However, similar to her sister Jessa, who shocked many when she said she was very interested in adoption, Jill has noted that the pair are open to adopting children in the future. Jill also pointed out that Derick’s mother was adopted as an infant.

In the same interview, Jill also discussed how much she treasures having her mother available to answer pregnancy questions.

“I’ll call her and ask, ‘Was this normal for you?'”

She says the best advice her mother has given her so far regarding the pregnancy is to use Sea Bands for nausea, eat protein every two hours and try nuts for protein when you can’t stomach the thought of meat.

What do you think of the Jill throwing the Duggar family naming theme to the curb?