Amanda Seyfried Wanted For Linda Lovelace Biopic

Mean Girls co-star and Megan Fox makeout buddy (in the movie Jennifer’s Body) Amanda Seyfried is rumored to be up for the main role in a Linda Lovelace biopic about the onset and offset life of the porn star.

Variety is reporting that producers are in talks with with the actress who would star alongside Peter Sarsgaard who was last seen in Green Lantern.

If you’ve seen the indie flick Chloe in which Seyfried gets hot and heavy with Julianne Moore you know she’s not afraid to get steamy of film which is of course an important part of producing a biopic about pornography.

The movie is based on a biography about the Deep Throat star and the 25-year-old actress would play the lead. Sarsgaard meanwhile would play husband Chuck Traynor who later in life was accused by Lovelace of forcing her into prostitution and pornography.

It should be noted that this Lovelace biopic is not the same movie Lindsay Lohan was set to star in and that movie titled Inferno is now set to star Malin Akerman in the leading role.

From what we’ve been told the porn industry is hurting as of late but really do we need two biopics about the same porn actress?

Do you think Amanda Seyfried is a good choice for the role of Linda Lovelace?

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