Judd Nelson Proof Of Life After Death Hoax: FOX News Impersonator Claims Actor Found Dead In Los Angeles Condo [Updated]

Judd Nelson proof of life followed hot on the heels of a death hoax that struck on Sunday. It all began when a FOX News impostor website posted a false report stating that the “Brat Pack” actor was found dead in his condo. It was all a hoax. Judd Nelson is not dead. As proof of life, Judd Nelson even offered a photo of himself holding the day’s Los Angeles Times.

The fake news site even created an elaborate story surrounding Judd Nelson’s alleged death, writing that the Los Angeles County Department of Medical Examiner-Coroner was trying to determine his cause of death as investigators attempted to rule out foul play. In a report called “BREAKING: “Brat Pack” Judd Nelson Found Dead in Los Angeles Condo,” the hoaxer wrote the following untrue tale of Nelson’s demise.

“Multiple unconfirmed reports say Nelson was found dead Saturday evening in his Los Angeles condo, Sierra Towers after police responded to a 911 call for an unconscious man around 9:25 p.m. Although police have not yet released the man’s identity, multiple occupants of the 31-story West Hollywood high-rise have confirmed that it was Nelson’s condo police responded to and a single body was carried out of the apartment on a stretcher.”

The actor doesn’t even live in a Los Angeles condo located in a 31-story West Hollywood high-rise building. That little detail was fabricated along with the news of his death. That’s what prompted Judd Nelson to offer proof of life that he was still among the living. He is.

The actor’s agent and his manager both confirmed that the news of his death was premature. Agent Gregg Klein even visited Nelson to snap a photo of the 55-year-old actor, producer and screenwriter clutching a copy of today’s newspaper in his hands, according to Los Angeles Times. As visible in the photo at the top of the page, the actor is still alive. Klein forwarded a copy of the Judd Nelson proof of life pic to Los Angeles Times along with a message that was short and to the point.

“Reports of Judd Nelson’s death are not accurate please see attached photo.”

Nelson’s manager, Jean-Pierre Henraux, also confirmed that the actor was a victim of a death hoax, calling his condition “perfect” and noting that he recently filmed an episode of the upcoming television series Empire, a family drama set in a hip-hop empire. The show’s stars include Terrence Howard, Taraji P. Henson, Jim Cantafio and Jackie Dallas.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, a cruel death hoax involving Zayn Malik made headlines when it was incorrectly reported that his younger cousin had died. Little Arshiya Malik underwent surgery for a brain tumor, and someone on Twitter started #RIP Arshiya, which quickly began trending worldwide. Arshiya is not dead. However, she is very ill, and her family is praying for her recovery.

[Judd Nelson Proof Of Life/Death Hoax Image via Gregg Klein]