Jim Carrey Spoofs Matthew McConaughey Lincoln Ads On SNL: Is It The Best Parody? [Videos]

Matthew McConaughey’s latest career move has a lot of people scratching their heads — why on earth is the Oscar-winning actor starring in those cheesy, confusing Lincoln ads about moving forward by going backward?

The commercials have been relentlessly ridiculed, and Jim Carrey is the latest comedian to take the Dazed and Confused actor down a few notches by poking fun at his philosophical ramblings. As Deadline reports, Carrey did an incredible job imitating Matthew McConaughey’s Texas drawl in an SNL spoof. Jim slightly tweaked the words in Matt’s Lincoln soliloquy.

“Sometimes you gotta go back to move forward. And I don’t mean go back and reminisce or chase ghosts. I mean take a big step back, like go from winning an Oscar to doing a car commercial.”

The faux SNL commercials got wackier and wackier as the night went on, with Jim Carrey’s McConaughey eventually crashing an Allstate ad starring Kenan Thompson.

Jim Carrey’s take on Matthew McConaughey’s contemplative car commercials is the latest in a long line of parodies. Perhaps the Lincoln ads make such great comedic fodder because they try way too hard to be deep and meaningful or maybe it’s because Matthew’s weird ramblings are so hard to follow. Whatever the case may be, they’ve definitely captured the imaginations of the folks who make their money not by selling cars, but by making people laugh.

As Us Weekly reports, Ellen DeGeneres also couldn’t resist spoofing Matthew McConaughey’s Lincoln commercials. The talk show host apparently thought that Matthew looked a little lonely in the ads because she inserted herself into the commercials as a backseat driver. DeGeneres chose to spoof the ad that features McConaughey in a showdown with a big longhorn bull named “Ol’ Cyrus.”

In the video parody, Ellen implies that Matthew’s car commercials are so odd because he’s just a bit “dazed and confused.” Some very special brownies are to blame for his contemplative state of mind.

Matthew McConaughey was also lampooned by South Park when he joined the show’s twisted version of Wacky Races. And of course McConaughey gets the roughest treatment in the South Park spoof — he’s dubbed a “fake, soft-spoken douchebag that everyone loves” before being sucked into a wormhole.

McConaughey might be a laughing stock right now, but the star of True Detective and Magic Mike probably won’t suffer too much for making the questionable career decision to star in those contrived car commercials. He didn’t disappear off the map after Ghosts of Girlfriends Past, so he’ll probably survive this misstep. His upcoming movie Interstellar looks like it could be the next Gravity, so people will probably forgive him for the Lincoln commercials once it hits theaters next month.

Which Matthew McConaughey parody is your favorite?

[Image credits: Comedy Central, Lincoln Motor Company]

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