WWE News: WWE Issues Statement On New Domestic Abuse Policy

Due to the unfortunate events dealing with domestic abuse in professional sports, 2014 shall be marked as a horrible year in the U.S. Ray Rice, Slava Kozlov, Ray McDonald, Greg Hardy, and Jonathan Dwyer headlined the abuse scandal, as the National Football League took a turn for the worse. To make sure history won’t repeat itself, organizations need to learn from the mistakes of others and react accordingly. The WWE is doing just that, which will save the company in the long run.

Less than a week ago, the WWE announced their implementation of a new domestic abuse policy. In an effort to save them from future despair, the acknowledgment of the problem that is abuse in sports, WWE officials made the wisest move since going public in the stock market.

WWE published a statement in a comment to the Washington Post that will give credence to the abrupt decision about domestic abuse.

“We have watched and learned from what has unfolded in the NFL, and we felt it was important to establish a zero tolerance policy for domestic violence, sexual assault and child abuse. We are in the midst of updating our employee code of conduct to reflect the same zero tolerance policy.”

What Roger Goodell failed to do before the incidents took place was to realize that it could happen, and to act accordingly. It took the abuse scandals to take place before a policy was inserted. Vince McMahon and Stephanie McMahon challenged the way things are done and took the first step towards preventing domestic abuse from happening.

The NFL failed to realize the precautions that should’ve taken place. Since the policy went into effect, the NFL went into a deep silence, and no charges were made as of this writing.

WWE hasn’t dealt with domestic abuse since Stone Cold Steve Austin hit his girlfriend in 2004. He was arrested for the aggressive act, and that was the last time World Wrestling Entertainment dealt with this awful incident. For the people who believe the WWE doesn’t care about domestic abuse or steroids, they are badly mistaken. Long gone are the horrific stereotypes that face the professional wrestling industry.

The Ultimate Warrior’s death painted a horrible picture to what wrestling used to be. It included drugs, alcohol, painkillers, and depression. Watching the movie The Wrestler puts it all into perspective. This is just an assumption, but domestic abuse probably occurred in the dark days of professional wrestling. That isn’t confirmed; it’s only my guess. Today, nothing is a secret, and the WWE can’t hide from things like domestic abuse or drugs. Some WWE fans aren’t keen on the way WWE does business, but their new domestic abuse policy is best for business.

[Image via mindofcarnage.com]