Jennifer Aniston’s Celebrity Trainer Reveals Star’s Secrets For The Perfect Body

Celebrity trainer to the stars, Mandy Ingber, who has been working out with Jennifer Aniston for a decade, revealed some interesting inside information recently on how, at the age of 45, the Friends starlet manages to maintain such an amazing figure.

InStyle magazine reported on Friday that Ingber spoke about one of her longest standing clients, whom she is apparently very fond of personally, in gleaning terms, revealing some interesting inside info.

“She’s just amazing, she’s gorgeous, she’s always looked amazing. I mean I do think that yoga has definitely transformed her body and gives her such grace. And in addition to that, she’s just a wonderful person,” said Ingber.

Inger shared some great tips from Jennifer Aniston’s regular workout, which can easily be adapted, she said, to fit one’s own routine.

“I work out with [Aniston] about three times a week, and we’ll start off warming up with a cardio routine. And then we’ll go into a yoga routine. Cardio will usually be 20 to 25 minutes of spinning followed by 45 minutes of yoga, incorporating sun salutations, warrior II, triangle, and other standing poses. She loves balancing poses, like tree, half-moon pose, and warrior III.”

Ingber also revealed that due to the fact she and Aniston are close friends, it does help to motivate her to workout regularly and not to slack off.

“It’s not easy to motivate yourself to workout and so with somebody like Jennifer or any celebrity that I’m working with, what they do is they’re scheduling in their workout time with me. They are making a commitment. Putting it in your datebook, making it like an appointment” are important, she said.

As well as the regular exercise, including cardio, yoga, and other work out routines, nutrition is also a vital part of Jennifer Aniston’s fitness regime.

As Ingber revealed, “It’s clear that Jennifer is a very consistent person with her nutrition. She generally does best on a high protein diet.”

According to the celebrity trainer, Aniston’s meals are centered around lean proteins and fresh organic vegetables, and that she drinks around half her body weight in ounces of water daily.

As well as the healthy eating, Aniston also reportedly loves meditation, as Ingber added,”[Jennifer and I will] always complete our session with a 5-minute shavashana, which is basically a corpse pose.”

Apparently, one of the keys to Aniston’s great body is also the fact she “switches up” routines from time to time.

Ingber explained, “She mixes it up. She’ll throw in a this or a that every once in a while as well, she keeps a variety going.”