Kanye West Rants About The Media Onstage In Las Vegas

Kanye West has a huge problem with the media, and he’s more than willing to share his feelings with the masses whenever he has a captive audience.

The Inquisitr has covered the rapper’s onstage antics several times in the past, so his behavior at Life is Beautiful Festival in Las Vegas this weekend comes as absolutely no surprise. When West has something on his mind, he’s definitely going to interrupt his performance to get everything off his chest. Thankfully, the guy is endlessly amusing, so his complaints are always welcomed with open arms.

According to the folks over at Wet Paint, Kanye West still isn’t a fan of the media. In his humble opinion, countless magazines, tabloids, and websites are constantly giving the poor guy a hard time. Since he had thousands of people at his disposal at the aforementioned festival, he decided to freely vomit his emotions onstage.

Fortunately for everyone who enjoys listening to West complain about his hard-knock life, Billboard was there to experience the moment as it happened. Although we don’t have professional-quality video of the rant in question, we do have a handy transcript, which is pretty much the next best thing. If you’re feeling particularly creative, print out this article and read it at the next open mic night at your local coffeehouse.

In Kanye’s opinion, no one allows him to freely speak his mind.

“This is the part that gets me in trouble. Everybody has a right to their own opinion, so why do I get in trouble for speaking mine? It just makes me feel like the media doesn’t want anybody to express no real motherf**king opinions.”

But wait — there’s more.

“I think I’m just lazy. When you have to put up some kind of facade, you have to think a lot about what the lie is. F**k that, I’d just rather tell the truth. But the media wants you to think I’m a bad guy. Like bad in the same way as people who kill other people.”

While people probably don’t believe that Kanye West is as heinous as a murderer, it’s nice to know that the rapper has enough self-pity to easily fill his spacious homes. However, according to MTV News, even West has to admit that things aren’t all bad in his multi-million dollar world. After all, he’s married to reality TV queen Kim Kardashian, a woman who was apparently more than willing to let him breed.

“Y’all just have to understand how happy I am right now in all actuality. I’m just happy to see my daughter’s first smile and how happy I am to see my beautiful wife, who is here with me, and we’re going to celebrate her birthday again at Tao tonight.”

What do you think about Kanye West’s latest onstage rant?

[Lead image via Everett Collection / Shutterstock.com]