‘The Hunger Games’: ‘CapitolTV,’ It’s Mandatory [Video]

Are you a Hunger Games fan waiting on the edge of your seat for Mockingjay – Part 1 to hit theaters on November 21?

You’re not alone.

Tickets for The Hunger Games go on sale October 29, but between then and the midnight showing, what is a fan to do?

Don’t worry — there’s plenty of sanctioned and fan-created media to hold you over. Most notably is CapitolTV.

CapitolTV is sanctioned by the Capitol Ministry of Information (also known as Lionsgate). The corresponding website is full of information and videos related to, and from the point of view of, the Capitol from The Hunger Games stories.

In fact, just this week, CapitolTV began a new YouTube series called “District Voices.” It’s a 5 episode series that visits various districts from The Hunger Games series and has a little something for everyone.

Are you a car person? Do you watch The Hunger Games and think about how cool the aircrafts are? The people over at District 6 would agree with you. After all, they’re responsible for transportation.

Not into cars? It’s alright. It’s not for everyone. How about baking? One of the male protagonists in The Hunger Games series is Peeta, a baker from District 12.

Well, the people over at District 9 are responsible for grain and look up to Peeta. Their episode will teach you how to make one of Peeta’s many creations.

District 5 is all about power. In their episode, you get to see how the various areas in The Hunger Games keep their electric fences on and their holograms showing President Snow’s announcements so reliably.

Peacekeepers are a part of the next episode. Although District 2 is mostly known for being about masonry, they are also relied on for peacekeeper training.

Do you enjoy MMA? This might be the right episode for you.

Finally, just for the fashionistas, District 8’s episode is all about fabric and style. Have you ever wondered what kind of strange fabrics make up the clothing designs people wear in The Hunger Games? Wonder no more.

The new episodes introducing various districts aren’t the only place to find Lionsgate sanctioned Hunger Games entertainment.

If you read the books, you know that there is supposed to be a great deal of propaganda spread in the next portion of the story. It’s uncertain if that will make it into the movie, but it doesn’t matter too much because we’re getting the propaganda in the form of trailers.

Whether it’s President Snow addressing Panem or a minor interruption from Beetee, the transmissions from the novels are all represented somewhere on YouTube. There’s even one warning about the “Blackouts in the Capitol.”

Hunger Games fans are not to be outdone, though. You can find any number of parodies, interviews, and theory videos on YouTube. Not to mention the GIF collections on Tumblr.

Furthermore, if you just want to catch up on the story, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire finally made it to Netflix.

There’s plenty of material for anyone looking for a fix of Panem before the end of November. So, enjoy, and may the odds be ever in your favor.

[Image courtesy of Zap2It]