‘The Walking Dead’ Spoilers About Beth Greene And Bob Stookey [Video]

The Walking Dead Season 5 has reunited most members of the group of survivors, but fans are still impatiently waiting to find out what happened to Beth Greene (Emily Kinney) after she was kidnapped by someone in a car adorned with a white cross.

Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) and Carol Peletier (Melissa McBride) spotted a car with a similar cross on the back in last week’s “Strangers,” and they set out in pursuit of the vehicle. By doing so, they also risked getting separated from Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and the rest of the group. So will their risk be worth the reward?

Unfortunately, fans of The Walking Dead won’t find out if Carol and Daryl find Beth in this week’s “Four Walls and a Roof.” Spoiler TV recently published an advance preview of the episode, and it confirmed that the series is still continuing to skip Beth’s story in favor of focusing on Rick’s group, the remaining Termites, and Father Gabriel (Seth Gilliam). Fans might not learn the whereabouts of Beth, but they will find out what Father Gabriel did that was so terrible. According to The Spoiling Dead Fans, viewers will also learn the fate of Bob Stookey (Lawrence Gilliard Jr.), whose foot was turned into a Bob-kebab in “Strangers.” Spoiler alert: He doesn’t make it, but the Termites don’t get to eat any more of his tainted meat. You can also expect to see another “psycho Rick” moment. Will it come when he gets his hands on Gareth?

If you don’t care about Bob or the Termites and just want to know what’s going to happen to Beth Greene, be prepared to be very disturbed. The Spoiling Dead Fans got their hands on some footage from the show that’s been floating around, and it looks like things aren’t going so well at Beth’s new home.

A transcript of the scene describes Beth being man-handled by a male cop who is described as a “Rapey McRapester.” He rubs up against Beth and tries to kiss her neck while pushing her into a dark room. There’s a pair of bloody scissors on the floor, and a hand can be seen grasping for them.

“So how ’bout it Beth? You wanna work something out here?” the cop says.

He starts to remove Beth’s shirt while pushing her forward. It’s then revealed that the hand on the floor belongs to the character played by Keisha Castle-Hughes. She is zombified, so it’s likely that Beth’s molester is about to become walker chow.

Keisha Castle-Hughes’ character is reportedly the girl in The Walking Dead Season 5 trailer who is shown getting her arm sliced off. Beth appears to be assisting the “doctor” amputating the limb in the trailer. There’s also a scene showing Beth shooting zombies and running out of a hospital with Tyler James Williams’ character Noah running out behind her. Noah will eventually encounter Daryl Dixon.

The International Business Times posted an actual video that shows Beth Greene in the hospital shortly after being abducted. The video is from Episode 4, which is titled “Slabtown.”

In the leaked Walking Dead video, it looks like Beth is confused after waking up in a hospital room. She yanks the IV needle out of her arm (presumably to use as a weapon) right before the cop woman from the trailer and a man dressed up like a doctor walk in. They ask her if she remembers her name, and she confirms that she does.

There’s speculation that the people at the hospital are conducting experiments to find a cure for the zombie virus, so Beth could be a human guinea pig. She has a cast on her arm, so could this mean that she’s purposely been bitten by a walker? There had to be some reason Castle-Hughes’ character was having her arm cut off, and perhaps it’s because she was bitten on the arm. If the antidote tested on her failed, maybe the “doctors” cut her arm off in a last-ditch attempt to save her life.

Piecing together The Walking Dead spoilers that have been revealed, it’s looking like Beth Greene will fail to escape while Noah will succeed. Noah will probably tell Daryl Dixon that Beth is in the hospital, and she might not be the only damsel in distress the redneck hero has to save. As The Inquisitr previously reported, Carol was seen getting hit by a car during filming, and her unconscious body was loaded into the car by two people dressed like cops. This likely means she’ll end up in the hospital with Beth.

What do you think, Caryl and Bethyl shippers? Will one of Daryl Dixon’s potential love matches die during Season 5 of The Walking Dead? Will they both die? Or will they both survive so that they can fight over Daryl in future episodes?

[Image credits: AMC]