Todd Gurley Accuser Has A Change of Heart

Dwight Wade - Author

Oct. 20 2016, Updated 5:27 p.m. ET

Todd Gurley has already missed two games. Bryan Allen hopes he doesn’t miss any more.

In a recent interview with WSBTV in Atlanta, Allen’s attorney, Ed Garland, expressed his client’s regrets for causing the stir.

“He greatly regrets that he made the one payment to him, $400, he wishes he never had,” Garland said.

Allen also feels Gurley should not miss any more games.

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“He thinks he ought to be playing football this Saturday and thinks that he should not be punished.”

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Allen ignited a firestorm of controversy earlier this fall when he shopped around emails to several news outlets, accusing Gurley of accepting improper benefits. Deadspin originally reported Allen had sent them an email accusing Gurley of accepting cash for autographs. At the time, Allen was upset at Gurley for allegedly accepting similar offers from other autograph dealers.

“I spent a few grand on the signing and Gurley has since kind of screwed me by doing this with about 30 other guys. The stuff has lost a ton of its value. Just wanna recoup some of my money,” Allen told Deadspin.

The University of Georgia suspended Gurley indefinitely following the accusations. Georgia fans have wrung their hands over the status of the Heisman Trophy candidate as Georgia completed their investigation.

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Allen has since seen the effects of crossing Georgia’s passionate fan base. As reported by Fox 5 in Atlanta, Allen has filed harassment complaints with the Dallas, Georgia police department. Allen claims someone attempted to break into his home. He also claims news vans have repeatedly parked in front of his house. Allen, a former memorabilia store owner turned insurance agent, has apparently holed up in his Dallas home, located just to the northwest of Atlanta. He has not spoken to the press, electing only to release statements through his attorney.

On Wednesday, October 22, the Georgia athletic department presented their findings to the NCAA and applied for Gurley’s reinstatement. The NCAA has not yet ruled on Gurley’s status.

Gurley’s supsension was quickly followed by similar accusations against Florida State Quarterback Jameis Winston. While Winston’s accusations did not include money changing hands, according to ESPN, his autograph did show up over 2,000 times on the same authentication site as Gurley’s.

Their investigation complete, Georgia now waits on the NCAA’s final ruling. While they’ve held their own without their best player, going 2-0 in his absence, the Dawgs would love to have Gurley back sooner rather than later. Gurley currently leads the SEC in rushing yards with 773 yards. Georgia is currently resting on a bye week, and will play arch rival Florida in Jacksonville on November 1. Whatever his original intentions, Allen now apparently wants Gurley back on the field as well.

[Photo Courtesy of Richard Hamm, Staff Photographer Online Athens]


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