Queen Elizabeth Tweets At Science Museum’s New Information Age Gallery Opening

The Queen tweets for the first time ever, as she and Prince Philip open a new Information Age gallery at the Science Museum in London. The historic event is the latest of several, which saw the British monarch throughout her reign marking important milestones in the evolution of communications.

Of course, the image of the Queen tweeting her message to invite her subjects to visit the gallery was posted on Twitter. It shows the 88-year-old matriarch using an iPad to post her message, asking people to visit the fascinating display at the Science Museum.

During her time as the leader of the British people — which spans six-decades — Queen Elizabeth has seen communications develop into what they are today. For many British people, seeing the Queen tweet at Friday’s opening ceremonies was cool. The British Monarchy Twitter account has a timeline of events in which Queen Elizabeth has participated as it comes to new technology.

This is Queen Elizabeth’s tweet to open the new Information Age gallery. She wrote it herself, as her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh, watches with amusement.

What do you think about Queen Elizabeth’s tweet to open the Information Age exhibition at the Science Museum?

[Image via Twitter]