WWE News: It Was AJ Lee's Decision To Not Join 'Total Divas' Cast, Not Her Marriage To CM Punk

Joe Burgett

WWE Diva AJ Lee has done all one could do as a WWE Diva these days. She is a three-time WWE Diva's Champion, and has the record for the longest run with the title. She also won her match against every other Diva on the roster at WrestleMania 30 this past year. She has easily become WWE's top Diva, and no one seems to have a problem with that.

One would think that if WWE has a top girl they are trying to market as the best of the bunch, they'd want to expose her to the public eye more. Several WWE Divas have gotten good attention by being on the Total Divas cast. Total Divas is a show on E! that follows the careers and personal lives of WWE Divas. AJ Lee cut a huge promo on the Divas earlier on, and many felt she was correct in saying what she said.

Despite her words, the show has gained in popularity and has a big following with females. Even many men enjoy the show.

Would AJ Lee ever join the cast? We found out this past week that literally anyone could be part of the cast. WWE has added Paige and Alicia Fox to the cast for the next season, which is interesting. Paige's entire gimmick is to be the "Anti-Diva," so it will be tough to keep that as a Total Diva.

AJ Lee layout

The only Diva of note left out is AJ, and it seems that she likes it that way. In an interview with IGN, AJ Lee discussed a number of topics, including why she is not on Total Divas and her take on Paige being on the show.

"I feel bad though because I feel like people are mad at her, at Paige, for it I think," said AJ. "But they really shouldn't be. I think she has her own style and she's going to bring a different flavor to that show. So people should just be happy for her and glad that they can now see more of her life. As for me. No, I like having people know the AJ I play on TV, on RAW, and I go home and I get inside so no one talks to me [laughs]."

The Wrestling Observer reported however that Lee was not allowed to be on Total Divas because she is married to former WWE Superstar CM Punk. While this would not be a problem usually, the history Punk has with WWE hurts the idea of Lee being used. Punk may be difficult, and since everyone knows the two are married, it wouldn't be realistic having her not talk to him or see him on TV. Therefore, she is out. However, we could see her in random parts of the show backstage or talking to someone, which is similar to what Emma did a few times.

AJ Lee Paige

AJ does not seem to upset about the move, and she looks to be okay with it. She enjoys her privacy, just like her husband. That being said, it appears that she turned down the chance to be on the show. While WWE may have never offered it, they always could have and then worked around the Punk drama. Regardless, AJ would not accept, as she is plenty popular enough on TV with RAW and SmackDown, so another show to work on is by no means high on her list. Many do not blame her for that.

In another interesting note from the interview, AJ Lee was asked about a Divas Hell in a Cell match.

"I can tell you for sure that women like myself and Paige are down for it, and I think more than capable of hanging with the guys in that kind of scenario, because we're insane and we like to jump off of stuff!" "I think if anyone could do it we could, but if it's not in my generation, it needs to happen someday, and I really think women could handle that."

Many would love to see such a revolutionary idea. Lita and Trish Stratus brought hardcore to WWE once, and it was a major success for the divas division then. I don't think fans of the WWE would be against a Hell in a Cell match, assuming that the divas within the match could do it well enough. Paige and AJ Lee seem like the type to thrive in such an environment, so why not WWE? Maybe we'll see it before too long. Until then, petition WWE about it.

Whether it's a potential Hell in a Cell match or not being on Total Divas, AJ Lee has a lot of love from the WWE fans. Wherever she goes, they will follow. She has earned the love by the crowd, and if she keeps what she's doing, her fan base will only grow.

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