Piers Morgan Pumps Iron to 50 Cent’s ‘In Da House’ [Video]

50 Cent appeared on Piers Morgan Tonight on Monday, where the CNN chatshow host/lizard king revealed he enjoyed listening to ‘In Da House’ while he sweated away at the gym. Apologies to those eating during that sentence.

In da interview, ‘Fiddy’ opened up about everything from his upbringing, his rise to fame, being shot nine times, his anti-bullying book, and his transformation into a multi-millionnaire vitamin water salesman.

He also stated he no longer touches drugs or alcohol (though he admits he did deal drugs from the age of twelve), revealing, “I had an experience that made me paranoid so I try to stay away from it.”

And if 50 Cent’s father is reading now, he’d be best to look away. The rapper was asked by Morgan about his rough childhood, and whether he ever wanted to meet his father. The reply was brutally honest:

“I have no desire to meet him, I mean he could help me not make the mistakes I made earlier on but I don’t think he would be a positive influence on me.”

There was also some talk of politics, a subject 50 Cent was recently vocal about when he declared himself a supporter of the Occupy Wall Street protests.