Justin Bieber Hits On Model With Disney Pickup Line ‘You Look Like Princess Jasmine’

Justin Bieber and Disney. Now there’s a combination.

He’s possibly feeling a little lonesome now that he has reportedly split with on-off girlfriend Selena Gomez, which may be the reason why the newly single 20-year-old hearthrob was spotted hitting on pretty model Jacqueline Younis and comparing her to Disney’s “Princess Jasmine.”

In a video obtained by TMZ, Justin’s silver-tongued moment took place while he was being chauffeured along Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills in his new Rolls Royce.

Most outlets are reporting Bieber’s encounter took place on Thursday.

But, in fact, it was Monday, October 20.

According to the website, Jacqueline Younis was in the middle of a modeling for a Festoun photo shoot when the singer’s Rolls stopped and the Biebs asked Younis to approach his ride, then told her, “you look like Princess Jasmine.”

“Thank you so much, it’s so awesome to meet you,” Younis replied.

Bieber and Younis reportedly then took a picture together.

Disney for pickup material? It might catch on.

Naturally, for most girls after meeting Justin Bieber, talking about it on social media would come next.

The Palestinian-American model uploaded the video to her Instagram account, caption below.

“@justinbieber body guard stopped my photo shoot with @festoun because @justinbieber wanted to meet me #princessjasmine #beiberfever #justinbieber #heygirl.”

Of course, the Biebs has since “Liked” the video.

Mail Online reports Jacqueline is signed to Model Mayhem and billed herself as a “college student looking to do some extra work on the side” at the company’s website.

“I’m pretty fit, not the skinniest girl on the block, but I’m not heavy set in any area of my body. My best features would be my long legs, lips, and hair,” Younis added.


(Photo: Jacqueline Younis.)

Even though Justin is rarely out of the headlines, his summer near-fisticuffs with Brit actor Orlando Bloom has hit the headlines once more after Bloom was spotted arriving to LAX at the same time as Gomez on Monday.

The pair walked just a few feet apart from each other but it was later confirmed that they were traveling together to Vancouver to appear at the We Day youth empowerment event.

Selena, 22, and Orlando, 37, were also spotted walking together in Vancouver together to the event venue on Wednesday.

Orlando Bloom Speaks Out About Selena Gomez Dating RumorsS

(Photo: Selena Gomez appeared bemused when she and Orlando Bloom were snapped heading to the Rogers Arena for We Day Vancouver on Wednesday, October 22.)

The Latina and the Brit were rumored to be dating months ago when they were spotted taking a cigarette break outside Chelsea Handler’s comedy show in Los Angeles in April. At the time, sources told E! News the pair had just gone out in a group with pals.

Orlando and Justin made worldwide headlines after the actor tried to punch the Canadian singer in a restaurant in Ibiza, Spain in late July.

At the time, it was widely reported Bloom’s beef with the singer was over Justin’s rumored flirtation with Orlando’s ex-wife, the Australian supermodel Miranda Kerr, in 2012.

As of Wednesday, Bloom has denied he and Gomez are dating. The actor was met LAX airport by a scrum of paparazzi, one of whom asked him to clarify the rumors.

To which, the Brit shook his head, and replied,

“No man. We were just attending We Day together,” in a video obtained by TMZ.

When asked by a photog to repeat what he said, Bloom somewhat testily said, “We were just attending a We Day together.”

He added, “You know We Day? You should check it out,” then shook his head replying to another probe as he piled into a a waiting car.

Selena reportedly returned to L.A around the same time, but it’s unclear if the two took the same flight.

Watch the video of Orlando speaking out about Selena here.

(Photo: Selena returned on Wednesday. “Goodbye Vancouver. Hello Los Angeles.”)

Meanwhile, Justin was spotted out with buddy Lil Za at an Indian restaurant in Hollywood that same night.

The singer sported a serious amount of bling around his neck. As he walked to his Rolls Royce, he was asked by paparazzi outside if he “still thinks Selena is a beautiful woman.”

Bieber replied “She’s very beautiful.” His potential response to a probe asking whether he was “mad she’s with Orlando,” was cut off by a bodyguard slamming the car door shut.

Perfect timing.

[Images via KMM/X17Online/AKM//Instagram]