Teresa Giudice Dropped By Crisis Manager: 'I Inherited A Mess'

Apparently, Teresa Giudice is too much for even a crisis manager to handle.

The mom of four girls, star of Bravo's hit series The Real Housewives of New Jersey and soon-to-be prisoner just can't seem to get along with anyone, not even the person who was hired to handle the very real crises surrounding Teresa Giudice and the entire Giudice family.

Wendy Feldman, the woman Teresa hired to handle everything, says she dropped Teresa because Teresa simply refused to listen to any of the advice that Wendy gave her.

According to an interview Feldman gave to ET, the final strike against Teresa and the move that led Feldman to drop her as a client came with Teresa's latest attempt to be placed at the Danbury, Connecticut prison that served as the inspiration for the Netflix series Orange is the New Black. Teresa says she asked for the assignment to the Connecticut prison in order to be closer to her children but, according to Feldman, there is no possibility of Teresa serving her time there because that particular facility is transitioning from a female population to a male population.

"If you call Danbury and speak to their warden, they are not accepting women who have more than six months on a sentence," claimed Wendy. And Teresa Giudice has been sentenced to serve fifteen months in prison -- more than twice the length of the Danbury prison's cutoff.

However, it does seem as though, despite the fact that Giudice did not follow due process in making the request, she will be serving out her sentence at the Danbury prison.

Feldman also took issue with Teresa and Joe Giudice's claims that they were not ever paid for their Watch What Happens Live interview. Feldman says they have made this claim despite the fact that there was evidence presented in open court that the Giudices were actually paid $150,000 in advance for their appearance on the show.

And then there are the rumors of a Giudice Christmas special possibly in the works -- even though it seems as though Joe and Teresa Giudice are having epic fights about how to spend their final Christmas together as a family for a good long while.

Wendy Feldman hadn't even heard of the possibility, saying, "That is something that I'm not aware of. I'm sure [the network] would like her to, but I don't know."

And it isn't as though Teresa Giudice is this particular crisis manager's first rodeo. Feldman has also worked with such high-profile celebrities as Justin Bieber and Chris Brown -- both of whom have had pressing needs for a good crisis manager in the past. But, according to Feldman, Teresa has proved even more difficult to work with than either Chris Brown or Justin Bieber. In fact, Feldman claims, Teresa's situation has been the hardest she has ever dealt with.

"Teresa and her circumstances are the most difficult," said Wendy. "I inherited a mess."

What can you do when even your crisis manager believes your crisis is just too much to manage?

[Image via The Wrap]