Donald Trump: Jon Stewart’s Lindbergh Baby Joke Was Racist [Video]

Last night on the Daily Show, Jon Stewart made a couple of jokes at Herman Cain’s expense. According to Donald Trump, those jokes were racist and out of line.

Stewart’s segment focused on the sexual assault allegations against Herman Cain. Stewart started the bit with an offensive New York accent, saying:

“In Cain’s defense, there is very little in the pizza world that is not sexually suggestive… Hey, hey, you want sausage on your pie?… Hey, hey, hey, want me to stuff your crust?”

But that isn’t the part Trump has a problem with. Stewart played a segment showing Cain responding to the allegations. When asked if he had ever had to settle a sexual harassment claim, Cain said:

“At the restaurant association. Now outside the restaurant association, absolutely not.”

To which Stewart replied:

“Have you ever kidnapped a baby? Well, other than the Lindbergh boy, no.”

Here’s the clip from the Daily Show.

Should Stewart be reprimanded for the Lindbergh baby reference? Trump seems to think so. Here’s Donald Trump’s video response.

Do you think Jon Stewart’s remarks were racist? Was he accusing Herman Cain of kidnapping a baby 70 some years ago?

The last time Stewart was accused of racism, again, against Herman Cain, he posted this video. (A montage of all the offensive accents and jokes that frequent his show.)

So is Jon Stewart always racist? Or is Donald Trump’s video baseless?