Security Fears Cause Katy Perry To Cancel Egypt Birthday Plans

Katy Perry will not get to sail down the Nile like her “Dark Horse” counterpart. Perry has cancelled her 30th birthday plans to tour Egypt with her entourage due to a leak in her travel itinerary. Instead, Katy will celebrate her October 25 birthday in Morocco.

As first revealed in the October 31 issue of The Hollywood Reporter, Katy had planned on a Nile river cruise, tourist stops, and a string of parties around the country. Word of the plans got out and the group was forced to cancel their engagements. Sources cited “safety reasons” as reason for changing the location of Katy’s birthday celebrations.

E! News also claims that the political turmoil especially in Egypt was a major cause for concern. Their source says that Perry previously planned on “taking a cruise on the Nile River in Egypt and dressing up like Cleopatra.” Unfortunately, she will have to save those dreams for another trip.

The Guardian Liberty Voice says that Katy has instead landed in Marrakesh, Morocco. The alternative location in the Middle East will still allow her to live out some of the fantasies she created for her Katy Pätra persona. However, Perry may need a costume change from Cleopatra to Casablanca. Other birthday plans included stops in Paris, South Africa, and Moscow.

Even with leaked plans, Katy maintains a positive outlook in the public eye. On Sunday, she tweeted an early birthday wish to be featured on a Shakey’s Pizza Parlor sign in Santa Monica. The next day, she got her wish.

Katy is currently on a three-week pause from her Prismatic World Tour to promote her fourth studio album, Prism. The first leg of the tour included stops around the United States and Canada and has already brought in $31 million. After Perry returns from Morocco, the second part of the tour will kick off in Australia and head to Europe.

In February of this year, Perry revealed her Cleopatra alter ego in the “Dark Horse” music video. The single raced to the top of the charts, as reported by Inquisitr. Certainly Katy’s love for Egypt and its culture inspired her birthday wishes. The music video includes many images and influences from ancient Egyptian culture. If you happened to miss out, check out the music video below.

[Photo source: The Hollywood Reporter]