Ottawa Parliament Hill Shooting Press Conference: Manhunt Ongoing

A press conference about the Ottawa shooting was hosted by the Canadian Mounties around 2 p.m. today. The Canadian law enforcement officials stated that the Parliament Hill shootings are still undergoing investigation. Citizens are being urged to barricade themselves inside while police officers and soldiers continue the manhunt.

The large presence of members of the military in and around Ottawa was acknowledged. The safety of the law enforcement officers and the soldiers during the hunt for the Ottawa shooting suspects remains a primary goal, according to the Canadian Mounties tasked with updating the public about the Canadian Parliament building shootings. An email address has been established so members of the public can offer tips, and a phone number which can be used for the same purpose was also shared during the Ottawa shooting press conference.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the soldier guarding the National War Memorial was shot in the chest and is now deceased. The name of the deceased soldier has not yet been released to the public. A second soldier, also tasked with guarding the memorial on Parliament Hill, reportedly had to run and hide to avoid being shot as well. While the soldiers were armed, their weapons were only ceremonial and did not contain bullets.

Jim Watson, the Ottawa mayor, said today was a very sad for the city. “Additional resources are on standby if they are required,” Watson added. “I want to thank the brave men and women, the first responders, for their compassion, professionalism, and their dedication.” Canadian Air Force bases are on standby in case air support becomes necessary. The Canadian officials stated that it is still too early in the Ottawa shooting investigation to determine the motive behind the shooters’ decision to attack the National War Memorial and the Canadian Parliament building on Parliament Hill.

The Ottawa police chief state that the threat level is currently at medium and noted that his officers train for these type of incidents. Parliament Hill remains blocked off and citizens are being asked not come into the downtown area.

“A series of gunshots rang out and we realized they were right on the other side of the door. And it isn’t a very strong door. We put up these flimsy little tables to get people behind and get them under chairs. We wanted to make sure that everyone was safe,” NDP MP Charlie Angus told The Ottawa Citizen. Angus was inside the caucus room where about 100 MPs and staff were gathering for a weekly meeting when the Parliament Hill shootings began.

[Image via: Twitter]