Calum Hood Claims He’s Scared Of Girls Now

Calum Hood, the bassist for the Australian rock band 5 Seconds of Summer, recently tweeted that he’s now officially afraid of every single female. What would prompt Hood to suddenly fear the opposite sex? Could it be a result of his nude photo scandal on Snapchat, after a girl Calum sent nudes published the photos on Vine? Or maybe Calum Hood is scared of girls because of the incident with a group of 5 Seconds of Summer fans who Hood accidentally ignored? Could the backlash from female fans have turned Calum Hood off from women forever?

Strangely, the real reason behind Calum’s bizarre fear comes from thew new Ben Affleck film Gone Girl. According to MTV, watching Gone Girl has convinced Calum Hood that women are not to be crossed.

Gone Girl is a mystery thriller about a man, played by Ben Affleck, who reports that his wife, played by Rosamund Pike, has gone missing. In the midst of the murder investigation, detectives begin to suspect that the husband may have had something to do with her disappearance. A sequence of shocking twists and turns unfurls throughout the rest of the movie, ensuring the audience never knows who to trust. And, apparently, Calum Hood came out of the theater having lost all trust for girls in general.

There’s a special twist part way through the film that likely sparked Calum’s distrust, but there won’t be any spoilers here. You’ll have to see Gone Girl for yourself and see if Hood’s fear of females is warranted.

In other Calum Hood news, the bassist might have had a lot more to be afraid of besides women this year. According to Unreality TV, Hood lost his passport during the recent Mexican tour with his band mates. The guys of 5 Seconds of Summer were so concerned about getting Calum back home that they almost considered smuggling him across the border.

“Calum almost lost his passport,” said Calum’s band mate Luke Hemmings in a recent interview with Take 40, “so we were thinking about it [smuggling him across the border] then.”

5 Seconds of Summer traveled the world with One Direction and finally made it home, with Calum Hood safe and sound. Calum must have eventually found his passport.

Have you seen Gone Girl? And if so, did you have a similar reaction to Calum Hood’s?