Anne Hathaway Hurt Over ‘Hathahaters’

Hathahaters. A term used for those who have a less than desirable opinion of actress Anne Hathaway.

This growing list of Hathahaters actually started back in 2013 during the Oscar season, according to Harper’s Bazaar. Anne Hathaway actually won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress as her portrayal of Fantine in Les Misérables. But, fans of the film and the Broadway show didn’t agree with the Academy of Awards and felt as though her performance was not authentic. It didn’t take long for this uprise to escalate into a formed group — hence, Hathahaters.

Anne discovered the Hathahaters when she had a group of friends over and decided to google herself. Much to her dismay, according to Dispatch, the first article that popped up read, “Why Does Everyone Hate Anne Hathaway?”

Hathaway was in a state of shock and embarrassment as she began to read the article and the comments made about her.

Surely, there must be more to the story behind why the Hathahaters feel so strongly about Anne Hathaway. NY Mag did a poll asking if every woman on the internet hated Anne Hathaway. The responses may or may not surprise you, but they are certain to be a blow to Anne’s gut.

“She is that theater kid with good intentions but secretly annoys the sh** out of you.”

“You want to be excited for her and you are but deep down you are kind of rolling your eyes.”

“I think someone told her she was America’s sweetheart and she believed it.”

Social media has had a heyday with the Hathahaters, and, unfortunately, it not only personally affected Anne, but it also tarnished her career, as well. That’s when fans and social media can have a strong and lasting impact. Directors don’t necessarily want to hire an actress for a lead role if no one likes her. Movie makers want to make money, not turn off audiences.

According to Dispatch, Anne Hathaway was hurt by the outspoken haters.

“I had directors say to me, ‘I think you’re great. You’re perfect for this role, but I don’t know how audiences will accept you because of all this stuff, this baggage.”

It’s taken almost a year since all the Hathahater hoopla has settled in the dust a bit, and Anne is able to put it behind her despite the hurt she felt as she tells Harper’s Bazaar.

“I’ve grown from it. This whole thing has made me a way more compassionate and loving person… People treated me a certain way but I’ve grown from it. And I don’t feel sorry for myself.”

Hathaway also has learned to comeback with witty quips to those who toss hurtful comments her way, according to Dispatch.

“I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve been told I’m not sexy. I just go.?.?. ‘Just because I don’t wear my sexiness overtly doesn’t mean that I can’t become that girl for a role. That’s what I do; I become things. Use your imagination, buddy.’?”

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