Teresa Giudice’s Christmas Crisis – Joe Wants To Trim The Budget, Not The Tree

Making this year’s Christmas merry was already going to be a tall order for Teresa Giudice, considering this will be the last holiday her family will spend together for a long time. On January 5, Theresa begins her 15-month sentence – and once that is completed, husband Joe Giudice begins his own 41-month prison sentence.

But it seems that Joe and Teresa can’t even come together over something as important as the last Giudice Christmas.

According to Radar Online, the two have been fighting constantly over how to spend the season… with an emphasis on the word spend. Teresa, it seems, is still having a hard time coming to terms with the fact that she and husband Joe can no longer afford their previous extravagant lifestyle. According to Radar Online’s inside source, Teresa had still “hoped to give the girls an over-the-top Christmas.” The source further revealed that, in the past, money has truly been no object when it came to Christmas and the Giudice girls; Gia, 13; Gabriella, 9; Milania, 8; and Audriana, age 5.

“Typically, Teresa would spend up to $10,000 on gifts just for the girls,” the source claimed, adding, “From designer handbags, jewelry, one of a kind dolls, there isn’t anything that the girls asked for and didn’t get.”

Husband Joe, however, seems to understand that Giudice family finances just aren’t what they used to be – after all, he and Teresa are both heading to prison over financial fraud. With that in mind, Joe really wants a far less extravagant holiday than Teresa has in mind. According to the inside source, Joe would really prefer to “have a small, intimate Christmas at their house,” the source said.

“For Joe, it’s all about having the family together, and under one roof. This will likely be their last Christmas together as a family because Teresa will be filing for divorce as soon as she is finished with her prison sentence. And Joe is likely to be deported,” the source said.

And when Joe says small, he means it! “Audriana has been asking for a miniature Barbie Jeep, and a pony,” the source claimed. “Joe has said absolutely no to both, which is making Teresa furious. But they can barely afford to put gas in their own cars!”

And not only has Joe said no to a pony, he’s even suggested that the Giudice girls get just one present a piece. Furthermore, the source revealed that he “told Teresa to go shop at the local Goodwill store.” The source added, “Of course she balked at that!”

Of course she did. Apparently it’s not “goodwill towards men,” but rather “Goodwill for the Giudice girls.”

With each Giudice at opposite ends of the holiday finance spectrum, the fighting between the two has been inevitable and non-stop.

What do you think? Is Teresa’s desire to create one last, over-the-top Giudice Christmas understandable? Or is Joe in the right, demanding that the family trim the tree and the budget?

[Image via allaboutthetea.com]