Lionel Richie Denies That Khloé Kardashian Is His Love Child With Kris Jenner

Lionel Richie

The rumors that Khloé Kardashian’s biological father may be someone other than Robert Kardashian include allegations that she may be the love daughter of Alex Roldan, who is Kris Jenner’s hairdresser, or perhaps even O.J. Simpson.

But a new bombshell report released by In Touch magazine is now alleging that, in fact, Khloé’s real father is none other than singing legend Lionel Richie, and according to many she does bare a striking resemblance to him.

Back in the 80’s, when Kris Jenner was even hotter than she is now, there was a lot of free love in the air and that fact has led to numerous rumors over the years alleging who her real father might be.

An inside source, who purports to be close to Kris told the publication about Jenner and Richie’s relationship, “They had a sexual affair — he bragged about it. He said he was on the outs with his wife at the time. Everyone was sleeping around with everyone else back then, and Kris was hot in those days.”

Another source, Jacky Jasper, who founded the urban blog Diary of a Hollywood Street King, said she also believes that Kris Jenner and Lionel Richie got together back in the day.

“Kris had an an affair with Lionel — and I believe he is Khloé’s dad.”

According to hairstylist Daniel DiCriscio, who has been a close friend of Kris for many years said about her, “She was a big flirt and played around. I’ve seen Kris do things that would blow people away. Lionel was a huge player back then, too.”

And just to make the possibility that Lionel Richie is Khloé Kardashian’s real father all the more real, his daughter, 16-year-old Sofia, is also the spitting image of the Keeping up with the Kardashians starlet.

Kris even admitted that she cheated on Robert Kardashian, who died from cancer in 2003, at least once, fessing up to having lots of “wild sex” during her marriage, with a man later identified as soccer player turned producer Todd Waterman as just one example.

But Lionel Richie is vehemently denying that he is Khloé’s father, as he told reporters recently, as per a Radar Online report from today, “No, I’m not the dad.” However, Richie says he considers the Kardashian sisters — including 33-year-old daughter Nicole Richie’s childhood friends Kourtney and Kim, part of the family.

“But you know what, they are my kids. They grew up in my house,” he said.