’19 Kids And Counting’ Spoilers: More Wedding Preparations Ahead, When Will Nuptials Air?

All season long, 19 Kids & Counting fans have been watching the Duggar family preparations for the big wedding. Though Derick Dillard and Jill Duggar’s wedding took place this past June, it has yet to play out on-screen. Will Jill finally walk down the aisle in the Tuesday, October 21 show?

Unfortunately, the answer to that one is no. Tuesday’s episode is titled “All About Jill,” and it seems the Duggars will have a bridal shower. Jill will have a chance to connect with some new mothers she’s met through her work as a midwife, according to TV Guide’s spoilers for 19 Kids & Counting.

Many wonder if that means the next episode will finally show the Duggar wedding as last week’s episode indicated that the show was covering events that were a week ahead of the big day. The synopsis for the October 28 show is titled “Jill’s Wedding,” and it seems it is finally time for the walk down the aisle.

While 19 Kids & Counting fans know that Jill and Derick happily wed that day in June, and they are even expecting a baby now, it seems the big day wasn’t without challenges. TV Guide teases that there were hundreds of volunteers on hand that day, and it seems their help was definitely needed. Apparently, Jill requests root beer floats as part of the reception, but a freezer malfunction threatens their plans.

The following week, on November 4, there will be an “enhanced episode” seemingly showing additional tidbits from Jill and Derick’s wedding. What else can fans expect from this week’s episode with the bridal shower? Not much else has been revealed quite yet.

Fans are hoping that there will be some time in this week’s episode covering Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald as their courtship is moving along at this point as well. In fact, off-screen, the two are engaged and actually getting married in just over a week. That will likely all be covered in a new season, along with Jill and Derick’s baby preparations. As People shares, the pregnancy is going well, and the two have even revealed the gender of the baby.

Tune in for 19 Kids & Counting airing on Tuesday, October 21 on TLC to see just how the Duggar family wedding preparations move forward. While fans already know there’s a happy ending for Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard on this one, everybody is still anxious to see it on-screen.

[Image via TLC]