'Bachelorette' Star Ashley Rosenbaum Talks Tough Recovery After Birth

Bachelorette star Ashley Rosenbaum announced earlier this year that she was expecting her first child with her husband, J.P. Rosenbaum. She gave birth at the end of September and they are learning what parenting is all about. The couple recently introduced the baby to the world via US Weekly and they are thrilled with little Fordham Rhys. But while everything appears to be happy in Miami, Ashley actually had a tough birth and she is now opening up about her recovery.

It sounds like Ashley Rosenbaum was planning on doing a regular birth, but Fordham may not have cooperated. After enduring labor, they decided that a c-section was the only way forward. And that meant a complete change of plans, which also included a longer recovery.

According to a new Wetpaint Entertainment report, Bachelorette star Ashley Rosenbaum is now revealing that she couldn't have done it without her husband's help.

"I ended up having a c-section so my recovery has lasted a bit longer than what we expected," Ashley Rosenbaum revealed, adding, "J.P. really had to take care of both me and the baby for the first few days. He really stepped up his dad and husband game!"

J.P. was at the hospital with Ashley Rosenbaum as she was preparing to give birth. And even after Fordham made his entry to the world, Ashley's husband was there to help out and do everything he could to make Ashley's life easier.

"At the hospital, he was up for every feeding, brought me anything I needed, and changed every diaper!! I couldn't have done it without him. I am so proud to call him my husband and baby daddy!" Ashley Rosenbaum added.

And it sounds like her husband is just as thrilled with her performance as a mother.

"Ashley has taken to motherhood like she has been doing it all her life. It always makes me smile to see how she handles Ford," Rosenbaum says.

The couple has been posting pictures of little Fordham on their social media pages and it is clear that they absolutely love him. According to the Inquisitr, Ashley Rosenbaum sold the exclusive rights for the first pictures of little Fordham to US Weekly, but now that the pictures are out for the public to see, it is definitely possible that they will start sharing more of their own pictures of their son.

What do you think of Ashley Rosenbaum's tough recovery from the birth?

[Image via Popsugar]