Jennifer Aniston Led On By Justin Theroux For A Marriage That She Doesn't Want?

Jennifer Aniston's eventual re-marriage isn't one to be taken lightly. After all, she was half of one of the 2000s' biggest power couples with Brad Pitt, a fact that can't be totally lost on her current fiancée Justin Theroux. The pair have been dating for more than than three years, and they've been engaged for more than two-thirds of that time. However, according to Grazia Magazine, an insider source says that Jennifer has about had it with Justin's delays.

"Several of Jen's friends, including Chelsea Handler and Demi Moore, are thought to have urged caution over Justin's reluctance to carry out the wedding, pointing out his reputation as a huge commitment-phobe. Even Justin's own friends have joked that his line 'we're not on anyone else's time frame,' should be 'we're not on any time frame.'"
Other hints dropped by the source make it sound like Aniston is having the prospect of a wedding dangled in front of her. Theroux takes Jennifer on lavish trips to distract her from the fact that she still isn't his wife.
"One moment Justin would be dropping hints to Heidi about 'when we're married,' before getting really vague and ultimately dismissing it as just a piece of paper. Justin seems hesitant to even discuss the kind of ceremony he'd like [with Aniston]. Their recent trip to Bora Bora was a typical example - it seems Jennifer wanted the beautiful setting to inspire them to talk about romantic wedding locations, but it seems Justin has become a pro at deflecting her hints."
Jennifer Aniston Justin Theroux marriage engagement

The source also said that Aniston is none-too-pleased that other stars her age are pairing off why she's just left when Theroux's engagement ring hanging on her finger.

"Most of Jennifer's friends are marrying or having children around her, while she feels as if she's treading water."
Justin has been extremely flippant when confronted about having not yet tied to the knot with Aniston in recent interviews, but that hasn't stopped rumors from mounting about why the couple still hasn't quite made it to the altar yet. Such criticisms have started to reach a fever pitch because of the long engagement period that Theroux has subjected to Jennifer.
"I am not going to let a tabloid tell me what to do. I'm not going to watch them tap their watch. What the hell are you telling me to do?"
Do you think Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux will be getting married anytime soon?

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