Jetta Fosburg, 10, Bullied After Cutting Hair Short For Cancer Charity Donation

Jetta Fosburg decided to cut off her long hair in order to donate it to a charity called Wigs for Kids. The charity takes hair donations and makes wigs for children who lose their hair following cancer treatments. Jetta, 10, should be making headline news for being a selfless young lady and doing something that is both amazing and pretty brave. However, Jetta is in the news because she was bullied after she chopped off her long hair.

“I have some family members who have cancer so I thought it was the right thing to do,” Jetta told FOX 45. And while she is absolutely right, other kids at her school in Ohio didn’t see it that way.

Jetta Fosburg’s mother said that kids made fun of her daughter’s super short hair. The bullying got so bad that Jetta had to be taken out of school.

“They said things like she wants to be a boy she’s ugly now a lot of hurtful things. [The school] did fill out a bullying report and make a plan to address the issue but a few days later the bullying continued. [Jetta] went back on Monday and the boys were teasing her again telling her at the school did not follow through on consequences of parents weren’t concerned,” explained Heidi Fosburg.

After the story made its way to the media, a school spokesperson said that things are being done at school to teach the students about “respect.” Coincidentally (or not), “respect” is the word of the month.

“[The school] did receive a complaint from a parent who says her child was not being treated properly and they take every complaint seriously, they are going to use the word respect which is the word of the month to emphasize to other students appropriate behavior toward other students.”

Jetta Fosburg’s mom decided to use social media to spread awareness and take a stand against bullying. The Facebook page “Stand With Jetta” has over 25,000 likes already.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, a six-year-old from Georgia started his very own anti-bullying campaign last month. Bryan Jenkins wore suspenders to school on picture day because he wanted to look sharp in his first grade photo. While he certainly looked great, other kids in his school made fun of him. While the bullying did hurt his feelings, Bryan decided to raise awareness. On November 10, 2014, Bryan wants as many people as possible to wear suspenders.

[Photos courtesy of Stand For Jetta / Facebook]