Kate Middleton, Prince William Fan Misses Wedding, Gets Sent A Piece Of Their Wedding Cake

A fan of the Royal Family who couldn't travel to London to see Prince William and Kate Middleton's wedding due to illness has received a sweet slice of compensation - a piece of the wedding cake!

Mary Relph, 77, missed the ceremony in April after hurting her back. To make up for her disappointment, Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall and stepmother to William, sent her a slice of cake with a personal note.

Camilla often chats to Mrs. Relph outside Sandringham church in Norfolk, so when she heard about the Royal superfan's letdown, she was swift to act. The handwritten note that accompanied the cake read:

"A little bird told me you were unable to get to the wedding as you had injured your back. I hope this cake will help to alleviate this. With my best wishes, Camilla."
Mary, whose Royal memorabilia collection includes a life-size cutout of Kate and William in her home along with plates, photos, and thimbles, has said she will never eat the cake. Instead, it shall take pride of place amongst the rest of her collection. She told the Daily Mail:
"I have no idea who told the Duchess of Cornwall about me. I don’t know how they knew. I was so upset I couldn’t go to see William and Kate’s wedding. We had hotel rooms booked and everything. My friend said I should use a wheelchair but she would never have got me through the crowds."
In the end, Mary watched the ceremony from her niece's home.