Paula Patton Ready To Move On From Robin Thicke, Might Be Dating Again

Paula Patton appears more than ready to move on from husband Robin Thicke. Paula and Robin recently officially filed their divorce records, and both Thicke and Patton appear to be relatively happy to get on with their lives. Best of all, according to those close to the duo, the divorce was amicable, and Paula and Robin are attempting to remain friends.

Patton’s friendship with Thicke remains despite the fact that the marriage ended after numerous accusations by Paula that Robin was cheating on her. According to E! Online, Patton is now past the singer’s cheating ways and ready to start up a new life. It’s not like the actress had to rely on the “Blurred Lines” crooner in order to have her own life to begin with. While Paula Patton has been a relatively well-known actress for years, her appearance in Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol catapulted her into another degree of stardom.

Now the actress is reportedly turning down roles in order to pick and choose one that best fits what she wants to do next. Speaking of wondering what Paula is doing next, there are some rumors Patton has started dating again, even if it’s not too serious. For the most part, the 39-year-old now single mom is keeping herself single and enjoying life out on her own.

In addition to looking at a number of different acting jobs, Paula has entered into a modeling contract for fashion designer Ellen Tracy. The campaign starring Paula is expected to officially launch sometime next fall. While there was obviously quite a bit of tension surrounding Robin and Paula initially, there are reports that Patton actually threw a “divorce party” after the papers were filed. If those rumors are true, it does appear as if there might be some hard feeling with Thicke’s reportedly philandering ways after all. People rarely celebrate an occasion like divorce, especially when a child is involved.

If there is an area in which the former couple is still having some problems, it would be the custody of their son. Earlier in the week, WebProNews points out there were reports that Thicke wasn’t being allowed to visit his son without someone supervising them. It also appears one of the areas the duo have not been able to agree on is who will actually be the custodial parent, and how visitation will be worked out. Once that ugly business is settled, Paula Patton can indeed move on.

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