Tori Spelling Ebola Scare? Fever, Trouble Breathing Leads Hospital To Quarantine Reality Star

Tori Spelling was treated much like an Ebola patient over the weekend when she arrived at Cedars Sinai Hospital. According to TMZ, the reality star had a fever, a bad cough, and was having trouble breathing. She was put in isolation, separated from other patients, and medical staff reportedly “took precautions” while caring for Spelling, which is similar to what happens when an Ebola patient is at a hospital.

Sources tell TMZ that Spelling does not have Ebola, however. She was suffering from bronchitis and a sinus infection, which gave her very similar symptoms. Both sicknesses can be contagious, which might have been why the medical staff at Cedars Sinai Hospital were cautious when it came to Spelling’s care. Or — they may have been taking precautions just in case Tori actually had contracted Ebola somehow.

Tori Spelling is still in the hospital today. According to Us Weekly, it is possible that Tori has pneumonia. Her husband, Dean McDermott, has been by her side since she was admitted. It is unknown how long Tori will need to stay in the hospital, but she is expected to stay for the week at least.

Tori and Dean are in the middle of filming True Tori, but it’s unknown if any of Tori’s ailments or her visit to the hospital will be filmed for the show. This setback has caused Tori to cancel at least one upcoming appearance because she is so very ill.

“Due to her illness, Spelling had to cancel a promotional appearance for upcoming season two of ‘True Tori,’ which premieres on Tuesday, Oct. 21, on Lifetime at 9 p.m.”

It is unknown how long Tori Spelling has been ill, but sometimes a sinus infection left untreated can turn into something more serious — like bronchitis or pneumonia. Since there have been some rumors about Tori being pregnant, it is possible that she couldn’t go on antibiotics because she is with child. According to The Inquisitr, Tori has been dropping hints that she is pregnant with baby #5.

Tori has not confirmed or denied the rumors, but most people believe that she and Dean are playing around with people to get ratings on True Tori up. The suspected publicity stunt may or may not help bring the show views. Clearly if Tori was pregnant, she would be showing by now, so those rumors should die out soon.

For now, Tori is focused on getting better, and her fans hope that she overcomes this sickness soon.

[Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Messina/TLC]