Malin Akerman’s Son Sebastian Speaks 3 Languages, Actress Shares

Malin Akerman's son speaks three languages

Malin Akerman’s son may only be 18-months-old, but he apparently is already speaking three languages. The Trophy Wife star admits that little Sebastian has also learned some other words that may not have the mom bragging quite as much. The actress shared the scoop at the Environmental Media Association Awards over the weekend.

Sebastian, Malin Akerman’s son with her estranged husband Roberto Zincone, seems to be a very busy toddler. As she shared with People, he is not only running and tackling the stairs, he is speaking three languages. Akerman explains that he speaks Italian with his dad, and Italian actor, and he speaks Swedish with his mom. Then he has a nanny who speaks English, so he is able to converse in that too.

Akerman says that it’s “really just amazing to watch how a child’s brain works.” As E! Online notes, however, Sebastian also crossed another milestone off the list. Malin Akerman’s son also tossed out his first F-bomb, she admits. The Comeback star says that they were in Las Vegas watching Dolphins when he said it.

Malin says she doesn’t know where Sebastian picked up the word. She adds he is “a sponge now,” so he may have heard it somewhere once and saved it for a particularly expressive moment.

Apparently Sebastian didn’t even use it just once, he said it several times in a row and he incorporated some passion into it as well. Akerman says that she laughed at the time, but she’s going to be very careful in what she says going forward.

It is easy to see that Akerman embraces being a mother. She admits that at times it is crazy and scary. At the same time, she says it’s unbelievable and the biggest love she’s felt. When asked what has surprised her most about motherhood, the actress says both nothing and everything.

Akerman and Zincone married in 2007 and split in November 2013. The split came just a matter of months after Sebastian’s birth. Just days after the split, Zincone reportedly filed for divorce. He was seeking joint legal custody of Sebastian, and he also requested alimony from Malin.

Despite the split with Zincone, it seems that The Comeback star is in a pretty good place these days. Based on the stories revealed about Malin Akerman’s son, it would seem that she’s pretty happy with life just the way it is at this point.

[Image via Zimbio]